51st Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing

March 9-13, 2020

51st SEICCGTC Abstracts: Coming Soon!


50th SEICCGTC Abstracts

Abdallah, Mohamad American University of Kuwait

 Conditional Strong Matching Preclusion of the Alternating Group Graph

Adachi, Tomoko Toho University

Secret Sharing Scheme Using Magic Cube and Latin Squares

Adeniran, Ayomikun  

 Numerical Semigroups

Ahmad, Sarfraz COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan

Topological Descriptor of 2-Dimensional Silicon Carbons and Their Applications

Ahmad, Uzma  University of the Punjab, Pakistan

 On Mixed Metric Generators of Graphs

Aiken, Sophie

Colorado College

Hall t-chromatic spectra and weak Hall t-chromatic spectra of the Petersen Graph and wheels with odd numbers of spokes 

Ali, Kashif

COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan.

M-Polynomials and Topological Indices Related to Graph Operations

Alm, Jeremy Lamar University                                            

A Sumset Problem in Abelian Groups

Al-ogaidi, Awss University of Sussez

Large Arcs in Small Planes

Anderson, Mark Rollins College

Are Complete Graphs the Only x -Robust-Critical Graphs?

Angeleska, Angela University of Tampa

Modular Decompositions and Coherent Network Partitions

Arunandhi, P. International Academy

Steiner k-diameter of Tensor Product of Complete Graphs

Asplund, John Dalton State College

Optimizing Geometric Requirements for Redistricting

Aydin, Nuh Kenyon College

New Results on Equivalence of Cyclic Codes and a Generalization of a Search Algorithm

Babai, Laszlo University of Chicago


Global Symmetry from Local Information: The Graph Isomorphism Problem


Bailey, Sean University of Southern Maine

More Combinatorially Orthogonal Graphs

Balasubramanian, Suman DePauw University

Some Graph Labelings

Balof, Barry Whitman College

Bingo Paradoxes 

Barkley, Grant North Carolina State University

Perfect Matchings, Channels, and 2-Divisibility

Barrett, Wayne Brigham Young University

Spanning 2-Forests and Resistance Distance in 2-Connected Graphs

Barrus, Michael University of Rhode Island

Connectivity in realization graphs

Baskoro, Edy Tri Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Ramsey number for a tree versus a small wheel

Bataineh, Mohammad University of Sharjah, UAE

The Edge metric dimension of multiple wheel graphs

Baumbaugh, Travis Clemson University

Results on Recursive Generation of de Bruijn Sequences

Beasley, LeRoy Utah State University

(0, 1)-Matrices and Discrepancy

Beineke, Lowell Purdue University Fort Wayne

A Survey of Strongly Multiplicative Graphs and Related Labelings

Benakli, Nadia New York City College of Technology, CUNY

k-Neighborhood Degrees of a Graph

Berliner, Adam St. Olaf College

Matrix patterns and the inertia S n

Betten, Anton Colorado State University

New Families of Cubic Surfaces in Characteristic Two

Bickle, Allan Penn State Altoona

Independence Number of Maximal Planar Graphs

Bjorkman, Beth Iowa State University

k-foldability of words

Blanco, Saul Indiana University Bloomington

A Categorical Approach to Additive Combinatorics

Blumenthal, Adam Iowa State University

Sharp Bounds for Decomposing Graphs into Edges and Triangles

Boats, Jeffery University of Detroit, Mercy

The Pansophy of Multipartite Graphs

Bobga, Benkam University of North Georgia

List Colorings: Some Refinements of Hall’s Condition

Bok, Jan Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic 

Extremal problems for weighted Szeged index 

Brandstadt, Andreas University of Rostock, Germany

On Efficient Domination for some classes of H-free bipartite graphs

Bray, Amie Colorado State University

The Volume Bound for Nested Torus Links

Brewer, Alejandra Florida Southern College

The Asymmetric Index of a Graph and Families of Asymmetric Graphs 

Breen, Jane Iowa State University

Minimising the largest mean first passage time of a Markov chain and the influence of directed graphs

Brimkov, Boris Rice University

Injective choosability of subcubic planar graphs with girth 6

Brown, David Utah State University

Perfect Tournament Digraphs

Budzisz, Stephanie Oakland University

At-least-m-different predicate 

Buehrle, Charles Notre Dame of Maryland University 

Cycles in the burnt pancake graph

Burcroff, Amanda University of Michigan

The Upper Transversal Number of Uniform Hypergraphs

Burns, Jonathan Ionic Security

Remarks on Set Membership Filter Efficiency 

Bushaw, Neal Virginia Commonwealth University

The Even Cycle Spectrum

Cameron, Alex Vanderbilt University

The Saturation Number of Pineapples

Carlson, Josh Iowa State University

Throttling for the Game of Cops and Robbers

Carrigan, Braxton Southern Connecticut State University

Decomposing Set Intersection Graphs into Triples

Case, Benjamin Clemson University

Beta-Packing Sets in Graphs

Chan, W. H. The Education University of Hong Kong

Bulgarian Nim

Che, Zhongyuan Penn State University

An upper bound on Wiener Indices of maximal planar graphs

Colbourn, Charles Arizona State University

Popularity and Steiner Triple Systems

Chisaki, Shoko Tokyo University of Science

Deopout designs of deep learning

Chowdhury, Sajeeb Roy Colorado State University

Machine Learning for Better Combinatorial Algorithms

Cohen, Marshall Morgan State University

Roots of Formal Power Series and New Theorems on Riordan Groups

Collins, Karen Wesleyan University

Finding Balance in Ferrers Diagrams of Degree Sequences of Split Graphs

Cortez, Joseph Auburn University

The Intersection Problem for Maximum Packings of Kn with 4-Cycles

Couch PJ Lamar University

On NFL Scheduling and Thursday Night Football 

Cream Megan Dedar Crest College

Extensions of Pancyclicity

Culver, Eric University of Colorado, Denver

Finding Rainbow Triangles with Flag Algebra

Curran, Stephen University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

C4 -face-magic torus labelings on C2m  X C2n

Curtis, Bryan University of Wyoming 

The Strong Orthogonal Property 

D'Andrea, Joy University of South Florida

An Extension of Euler’s Polyhedron Formula

Davenport, Dennis Howard University

3-Zebra Trees

Davis, Killian Clemson University

Convergences of Newton’s Method for Quadratics

De Jesus, Jose F. University of Puerto Rico

Graphs with the Same Truncated Graphic Matroid 

Deaett, Louiss  Quinnipiac University

Efficient (or less inefficient) computation of the zero forcing number

DeDeo, Michelle University of North Florida

The Energy of Ramanujan Graphs

Defant, Colin Princeton University

Stack-Sorting, Set Partitions, and Lassalle's Sequence

Dorough, Stephanie Auburn University

Rainbow Connectivity and Proper Rainbow Connectivity

Draper, Richard Center for Computing Sciences/IDA 

Swapped Dragonfly

Driscoll, Keith Clayton State University

A Vizing-type result for semi-total domination

Dymacek, Wayne Washington and Lee University

Claw-free Steinhaus Complements 

Earl, Jonathan University of Wyoming

Minimum Number of Distinct Eigenvalues for Trees

Ekim, Tinaz Bogazici University

Advances on Equimatchable Graphs

Ellingham, Mark Vanderbilt University

Quadrangular embeddings of complete graphs

Elliott, Bradley Emory University

Increasing Paths in Countable Hypergraphs

Ellis, Brandi University of West Georgia

Signed magic rectangles with two filled cells in each column: Part 2

Ellis-Monaghan, Jo Saint Michael's College

Origami Knotting in Graphs

Emany-K, M.R. University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR

The 5-cube Cut Number Problem: A Short Proof for a Basic Lemma

Epstein, Michael

Florida Atlantic University

On the Covering Number of U3(q)
Erickson, Lindsay

Augustana University

Edge-Nim on the K2,n
Factor, Kim Marquette University

 Split Domination Results for Tournaments with Connected Domination Graphs 

Fan, Jinping University of Tsukuba

Signature codes for weighted binary adder channel and multimedia fingerprinting

Farrelly, Colleen M. Quantopo, LLC

Quantum Persistent K-Cores for Community Detection and Ranking

Feder, Elie Kingsborough Community College-CUNY

Maximum Rectilinear Crossing Numbers of Polyhex Graphs

Fehribach, Joseph WPI

Uniformity in Kirchoff Graphs

Ferrara, Michael University of Colorado, Denver

Ore and Chvatal-type Degree Conditions for Bootstrap Percolation from Small Sets

Ferrero, Daniela Texas State University

Zero forcing in iterated line digraphs

Finbow, Art Saint Mary's University

On the Structure of 4-Regular Planar Well-Covered Graphs

Flagg, Mary University of St. Thomas

Rigid Linkage Forcing

Flesch, Breeann Western Oregon University

Approval Gap of Weighted k-Majority Tournaments

Freyberg, Bryan University of Minnesota Duluth 

On constant sum partitions and applications to distance magic-type graphs 

Froncek, Dalibor University of Minnesota, Duluth

How close to being platonic can you get?

Ganguly, Soumendra  Clemson University

Graph-Theoretic Parameters Related to Partial Domination 

Geneson, Jasse Iowa State University

Throttling for the Cop versus Robber Game

Gershkoff, Zachary Louisiana State University

Characterization and Enumeration of 3-Regular Permutation Graphs

Glasser, Abraham Rochester Institute of Technology

Failed Power Domination on Knodel Graphs

Golden, Shannon Colorado State University

Algebraically Dened Graphs and Their Girth

Golumbic, Martin University of Haifa, Israel

A Perfect Graph Jubilee

Gould, Ronald Emory University

On the Saturation Spectrum of Graphs

Graber, Nathan University of Colorado, Denver

Saturation for Berge Hypergraphs

Graham, Fan Chung University of California, San Diego

Regularity lemmas for clustering graphs

Graham, Ronald University of California, San Diego

Bubblesort, Juggling Sequences and Permutation Statistics

Grant, Jennifer Berkeley University

Aggregate Sequences in Sage

Gray, Daniel Florida Atlantic University


Grimaldi, Ralph Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Ternary Strings and the Pell Numbers

Haithcock, Evan Clemson University

Convergences of Newton’s Method for Quadratics

Hall, Tracy New Vistas, LLC

A skeptical perspective on the 2n Conjecture

Hallas, Jamie Western Michigan University

Set-Defined Graph Coloring

Hammer, James Cedar Crest College

Sudoku Pair Latin Squares

Harborth, Heiko TU Braunschweig, Germany

Grid Domination on Hexagon Boards

Hartnell, Bert

Saint Mary's University

On graphs in which every maximal induced matching is of the same size 

Heath, Emily

University of Illinois

An improved upper bound for the (5,5)-coloring number of Kn

Heinig, Monika

Stevens Institute of Technology/Clyde

Limitations on the Simultaneous Maximization of Two Vulnerability Parameters

Hell, Pavol

Simon Fraser University

Bipartite analogues of comparability and co-comparability graphs

Hernandez-Cruz, Cesar

National Polytechnic Institute

Partitioning a cograph into forests and stable sets

Hilton, Anthony University of Reading

The Pseudograph and Simple Graph Threshold Number for Bounded Factorizations

Hogben, Lislie Iowa State University

Extending maximum nullity and zero forcing from graphs to hypergraphs

Holliday, Sarah Kennesaw State University

Distinct Representatives in Special Set Families in Graphs

Hopkins, Brian Saint Peter's University

Eriksson's Bulgarian Solitaire Variant

Hunter, Hayden University of South Florida

Subgraph Removal of 4-Regular Graphs and Changes in Genus Range

Hurlbert, Glenn Virginia Commonwealth University

Pebbling in Chordal Graphs

Imran, Muhammad United Arab Emirates University

On Partition Dimension of Infinite Graphs

Isaak, Garth Lehigh University

Interval Orders with Length Bounds

Ivy, Samuel  United States Military Academy

 Classifying the Fine Structures of Involutions Acting on Root Systems

Janwa, Heeralal University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus, PR

Transversal Intersection for further results on the conjecture of exceptional APN functions

Jedlickova, Nikola Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Wiener index on unicyclic graphs

Jeffries, Joel Iowa State University

A Combinatorial Game On Graphs

Jialong-Sun Sacramento Waldorf School

Mongolian Tents admitted HLS and VHLS labelings

Johnson, Peter Auburn University

A Mixed Hypergraph Coloring Problem

Johnston, Daniel Grand Valley State University

Deranged Matchings

Joveski, Zlatko Vanderbilt University

On a graph class generalizing interval and permutation graphs

Kaso, Niko Oakland University

At-least-m-different predicate 

Kemnitz, Arnfried                                                             University of Braunschweig, Germany

On the Chromatic Edge Stability Number of Graphs                       

Kenyon, Catherine Clemson University

Convergences of Newton’s Method for Quadratics

Keranen, Melissa Michigan Technological University

TS(v;) with cyclic 2-intersecting Gray codes: v 0 or 4 (mod 12)

Khodkar, Abdollah University of West Georgia

Signed magic rectangles with two filled cells in each column: Part 1

Kikas, Lazaros University of Detroit Mercy

Effect of a Superuser on the Pansophy of a Network

Kleinberg, Jon Cornell University

Graph-Theoretic Models of Behavioral Phenomena

Kreher, Donald Michigan Technological University

Sequenceable partial Steiner triple systems

Kritschgau, Jurgen  

Rainbow matchings of size m in graphs with total color degree at least 2 mn

Krop, Elliot Clayton State University

Upper bounds for inverse domination in graphs

Lane-Harvard, Liz University of Central Oklahoma

Strongly Regular Graphs From Large Arcs in Affine Planes

Larson, Craig Virginia Commonwealth University;

The Graph Brain Project

Laskar, Renu C. Clemson University

The 2-dimension of a Tree

Lauter, Kristin Microsoft Research

Supersingular Isogeny Graphs in Cryptography

Leach, David University of West Georgia

Magic Rectangles with Empty Cells

Lee, Jon University of Michigan

Volumes of sparse Boolean quadric relaxations

Lefmann, Hanno TU Chemnitz, Germany

Edge-colorings of hypergraphs avoiding a rainbow expanded complete graph

Leshock, Lorinda University of Delaware

Pappus Configurations in Finite Planes

Lesniak, Linda Western Michigan University

Hamiltonian properties in k-partite graphs

Levit, Vadim, E. Ariel University

W2 -graphs and shedding vertices

Li, Zhongshan (Jason) Georgia State University

Diagonalizable matrices and cycle structures of their digraphs

Lipman, Drew Hypergiant - Space Age Solutions

Reconstruction of Graphs from Dominating Sets

Lockard, Shannon Bridgewater State University

Hyper m−ary Partition Sequences 

Lopez, Oscar Florida Atlantic University

New Recursive techniques to construct combinatorial designs from smaller simple designs

Lorch, John Ball State University

Mutually Orthogonal Factor-Pair Latin Squares

Low, Richard San Jose State University

On the Integer-antimagic Spectra of Hamiltonian Graphs

Lorenzen, Kate Iowa State University

Constructions of distance Laplacian cospectral graphs

Lu, Linyuan University of South Carolina

The maximum p-Spectral Radius of Hypergraphs with m Edges

Lutrell, Kristi Seton Hall University

The Maximization of Neighbor-Component Order Connectivity

Marr, Alison Southwestern University

Zagreb Indices on Directed Graphs

Martin, Sydney Stonehill College

Minimal Tile and Bond-Edge Types for Self-Assembling DNA Graphs of Triangular Tiles

Martinez,-Rivera, Xavier Auburn University

The almost-principal minors and ap-rank of symmetric matrices

Mauro, Samantha Stonehill College

Minimal Tile and Bond-Edge Types for Self-Assembling DNA Graphs of Triangular Tiles

McConnell, Ross Colorado State University

Min Orderings and the Complements of Threshold Tolerance Graphs

McGinnis, Daniel New College of Florida,

Extremal Problems Related to the Cardinaltiy Redundance of Graphs 

Melekian, Chris Oakland University

Fractional Matching Preclusion for (Burnt) Pancake Graphs

Merz, Sarah University of the Pacific

A tight lower bound for the split domination number of a regular tournament

Meyer, Seth St. Norbert College

Vertex degree sequences mod k

Aaron Meyerowitz Florida Atlantic University

Generalized Derangements

Meyers, Timothy Howard University

An Ordered Tuple Construction of Classical Geometric (Clifford) Algebras and Geometric Algebras with Signature

Micek, Piotr Jagiellonian University

Weak coloring numbers of planar graphs

Milans, Kevin West Virginia University

Forbidden induced subgraphs and Gallai vertices

Miller, Jordan Washington State University,

Intersections, circuits, and colorability of line segments

Molina, Robert Alma College

Reconstruction Numbers for Unicyclic Graphs

Mukthineni, Tarun Colorado State University

Classifying Spacial Triangulations under Symmetry

Munaro, Andrea West Virginia University

Semitotal Domination: New hardness results and a polynomial-time algorithm

for graphs of bounded mim-width

Narayan, Darren Rochester Institute of Technology

The Asymmetric Index of a Graph and Balanced Incomplete Block Designs 

Nastas, Evangelos Florida Atlantic University

Circular Representations of Simple Connected Graphs & Delta Graph Minimum Semidefinite Rank

Nemani, Serita Georgian Court University

Anti-magic Labeling of Cartoon Flowers

Newman, N. A. Troy University

About Colorings of (3,3)-Uniform Complete Circular Mixed Hypergraphs

Noble, Matt Middle Georgia State University

The Unit-Distance Crossing Number of a Graph

O Cathain, Padraig Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Morphisms of complex Hadamard matrices

Olejniczak, Drake Western Michigan University

Variations in Ramsey Theory

Ou, Tingting Johns Hopkins University

Expected Survival Time of a Probabilistic Counting-Out Game on a Line

Owens, Andrew Auburn University

JL-colorings on general graphs 

Pinciu, Val Southern Connecticut State University

Genus, Skewness, Thickness and Coloring Theorems

Qiu, Jiangyi University of Minnesota, Duluth

2-nearly Platonic graphs

Qiu, Ke Brock University

Finding One-to-Many Disjoint Shortest Paths in Hypercubes

Qualls, Brittian McNeese State University

A Note on Bicyclic Antiautomorphisms of Mendelsohn Triple Systems

Raza, Zahid University of Sharjah, UAE 

LCEM and Reciprocal LCEM Matrices

Rehm, Hunter University of Vermont

Anit-van der Waerden Numbers on Graph Products 

Reid, Brooks California State University, San Marcos

Origins of the Southeastern International Conferences on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing 

Reid, Michael University of Central Florida

Some recent developments in tiling with polyominoes

Reinhart, Carolyn Iowa State University

The normalized distance Laplacian Matrix

Reiswig, Josiah University of South Carolina

On the k-Steiner radius and k-Steiner Diameter of a graph with 4<k<5

Remshagen, Anja University of West Georgia

Counting Magic Venn Diagrams

Robinette, Michelle University of Nevada, Las Vegas

On the Likelihood of Symmetrical Cayley Maps for Certain Abelian Groups 

Rombach, Puck University of Vermont

Role coloring graphs in hereditary classes

Ross, Michael Iowa State University

PSD-Throttling on Trees

Rubalcaba, Roberto San Diego City College

Aggregate Sequences

Ruskey, Frank University of Victoria

Solution of an Infinite Nested Recurrence Relation 

Saccoman, John T. Seton Hall University 

Integral Regular Split Multigraphs

Salehi, Ebrahim University of Nevada Las Vegas

On Cordial set of Q 7

Schiermeyer, Ingo Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany 

Gallai Ramsey numbers of complete graphs and odd cycles 

Schmitt, John R. 

Middlebury College

Distinct Partial Sums in Cyclic Groups
Schulte, Alex Iowa State University

Edge Saturation for complete graphs

Schwartz, Andrew Southeast Missouri State University

Zero Forcing Sets in H-matchable graphs

Servatius, Brigette  Worcester Polytechnic Institute

 Delta-matroids from matroids

Servatius, Herman Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Delta-matroids from matroids

Shahrokhi, Farhad  University of North Texas 

New Results on Location Domination and Identifying Codes

Shu, Michelle Johns Hopkins University

Survival Probabilities of a Probabilistic Counting-Out Game on a Line 

Singgih, Inne University of South Carolina 

Subtractive Magic and Antimagic Total Labeling for Basic Families of Graphs

Sinko, Ann College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

Game Proper Chromatic Numbers

Skyers, marina Penn State, Brandywine

A Closer Look at the Fine Structure of the Random Walk on (0, 1)

Soifer, Alexander University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Chromatic Number of the Plane: Breakthroughs and Further Aspirations

Stern, Michal Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo

Vertices Deletions in Clustered Spanning Tree

Stinson, Douglas University of Waterloo

Block-avoiding sequencings of points in Steiner triple systems

Su, Hsin-Hao Stonehill College

On Friendly Index Sets of Barycentric Subdivision of Wheels 

Syrotiuk, Violet Arizona State University

Requirements on Locating Arrays in Practical Experimentation

Szwarcfiter, Jayme Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro 

On Interval Graphs Represented by Two Interval Sizes

Tiemeyer, Michael Georgia Southern University

On z-cycle factorizations with two associate classes

Todt, Heiko Stonehill College

Minimal Tile and Bond-Edge Types for Self-Assembling DNA Graphs of Triangular Tiles

Trenk, Ann Wesleyan University

Balanced and Unbalanced Split Graphs

Trotter, William Georgia Institute of Technology

Dimension and Height for Posets with Planar Cover Graphs

Tsunoda, Yu Chiba University

Probabilistic Upper Bound on the Domination Number

van der Holst Georgia State University

Progress on a characterization of signed graphs (G, E) with v(G, E) < 3

Vandell, Chip Purdue University Fort Wayne 

The Maximum Decycling Number of a Graph

Wang, Zhiyu  University of South Carolina 

Color-disjoint rainbow spanning trees of edge-colored graphs

Wass, Isaac Iowa State University

The Graceful Tree Conjecture and Functions with an Attractive Fixed Point

Weiner, Michael Penn State Altoona

On pattern-avoiding Fishburn permutations

West, Douglas Zhejiang Normal University and University of Illinois

Cut-edges and Regular Subgraphs in Odd-degree Regular Graphs

Wierman, John Johns Hopkins University

Site percolation threshold bounds for the 4,82) Archimedean tiling 

Williams, Trevor Florida Atlantic University

Graph Nim

Wu, Sylvia Clemson University

Convergences of Newton’s Method for Quadratics

Wu, T. Northville High School

Steiner (n-k)-diameter of some interconnection networks

Xie, Xiao Johns Hopkins University

Pure and Mixed Multi-Step Strategies for Rendezvous Search on the Platonic Solids 

Xu, Rupei The University of Texas at Dallas

Ulam Decompositions in Sparse Graphs

Yatauro, Michael Penn State-Brandywine

Stability Theorems and Degree Sequence Theorems in Graph Theory

Young, Derek Iowa State University

Determining the maximum nullity and minimum rank field independence for some graphs

Zhang, Fuzhen Nova Southeastern University

Enumerating extreme points of the polytopes of stochastic tensors: an optimization approach