Celebrating 50 years of Combinatorics,

                     Graph Theory and Computing                                                                     


This book is a collection of research surveys (chapters) written by leading experts to commemorate and celebrate the outstanding mathematics that has taken place over 50 years at the Southeastern International Conference Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, & Computing (SEICCGTC) and to advance research in these areas.  The sections of the book, into which chapters are grouped include: Extremal graph theory and random graphs; Graph coloring and structural graph theory; Algorithms; Designs, Geometry, Packing and Covering; Combinatorial matrix theory; Cryptology and coding theory, Enumeration.




  Fan Chung Graham
University of California, San Diego

  Ronald L. Graham
                                              University of California, San Diego                                                                                                                          
  Frederick Hoffman
Florida Atlantic University

  Leslie Hogben 
Iowa State University and the American Institute of Mathematics

  Ronald Mullin
          University of Waterloo and Florida Atlantic University

  Douglas West
University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign


  Noga Alon Jephian C.H. Lin
  Brian Alspach Curt Lindner
  LeRoy Beasley Stephen Locke
  Miklos Bona Spyros Magliveras                                                                        
  David E. Brown Gila Morgenstern
  Richard Brualdi Christina Myhardt
  Steve Butler Shala Nasserasr
  Charles Colburn K. Brooks Reid
  John Dillon Chris Rodger
  Martin Golumbic Bryan Shader
  Ron Gould Joel Spencer
  Ronald Graham Douglas Stinson
  Pavol Hell Joseph A. Thas
  Leslie Hogben Tom Trotter
  Koray Karabina Walter Wallac
  Rick Wison  
  Don Kreher  
  To be published by:  
CRC/Francis Taylor Publishing