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Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. It is a peculiarly human endeavor that attempts to organize our experience in a quantitative fashion. Mathematics aids and supplements our intuitions about the physical universe and about human behavior. FAU offers many opportunities on both the undergraduate and graduate levels to study Mathematics. Check out the Course Information and Programs tabs to find out more!

To contact the Office for the Department of Mathematical Sciences, please call: (561) 297-3340.

Mathematical Sciences Ph.D. Candidate Alex Milbrand is Leading the Way 

Ph.D. candidate in Mathematical Sciences, Alex Milbrand, is teaching future scientists at FAU. With her sights set on pursuing a career in higher education, Alex shares her experience as a graduate teaching assistant, the range of leadership roles she has assumed along the way, and the opportunities afforded to mathematics students at the University. Click here to learn more about pursuing a graduate degree in mathematics.