Open Positions in the 
Department of
Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences invites applications for a Tenure-track
position at the Assistant Professor level
in the area of algebra, starting in
August 2018.

Algebra   (Position description)

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The Department of Mathematical Sciences 
invites applications for a Tenure-track
position at the Assistant Professor level
in the area of topological data analysis,
starting in August 2018.

Topological Data Analysis  (Position description)

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The Department of Mathematical Sciences
invites applications for five full-time,
renewable instructor positions to start in August 2018.

Instructor of Mathematics (Position description)

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Recent Funding

Studie Entwicklungsstand Quantencomputer
Study development of quantum computer

PI: Rainer Steinwandt

Funding Agency: Saarland University (GER)
German Federal Office for Information Security

Linking Within-Host and Between-Host
Infectious Disease Dynamics

PI: Necibe Tuncer

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Emerging Side-Channel Resistant and
Resource-Friendly Elliptic Curve
Algorithms and Architectures 

PI: Reza Azarderakhsh/Co-PI: Koray Karabina

Funding Agency: US Army

Recent Publications

Dr. Tim Ford, has written a new 
textbook entitles, Separable Algebra.
Due to be published on October 20, 2017,
this book presents a comprehensive
introduction to the theory of separable
algebras over commutative rings.
Azumaya algebras, the henselization of
local rings, and Galois theory are
rigorously introduced and treated.
Essential connections are drawn
between the theory of separable
algebras and Morita theory, the theory
of faithfully flat descent, cohomology,
derivations, differentials, reflexive lattices,
maximal orders, and class groups.


Subject-wise empirical likelihood

inference in partial linear models
for longitudinal data

Lianfen Qian, Suojin Wang

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

On the Tucker Circles

Sandor Nagydobai Kiss, Paul Yiu

Forum Geometricorum

Connecting Orbits for Compact Infinite 

Dimensional Maps: Computer Assisted 
Proofs of Existence

R. de la Llave, J.D. Mireles James

SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


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Welcome to the Mathematical Sciences Department

Explore Our Mathematical World

Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. It is a peculiarly human endeavor that attempts to organize our experience in a quantitative fashion. Mathematics aids and supplements our intuitions about the physical universe and about human behavior.

FAU offers many opportunities on both the undergraduate and graduate levels to study Mathematics.


Graduate Student Features

Many of the graduate students then are leading the way in creating cutting-edge, industry-leading research.  
Click Here  to see just a few of their accomplishments!


angela zacht
Congratulations, Sher Chhetri, Ph D,  Candidate Congratulations, Zachariah Tyree, Ph D Candidate
Sher Chhetri has received financial support from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Graduate Professional Student Association to present his paper entitled, The Kumaraswamy Transmuted Pareto Distribution at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 28th - August 3, 2017.   Click here to see the abstract.   Mr. Tyree will travel to the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Virginia and work on a Cyber Security research project under an NSF grant July 21 - September 29th, 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Undergraduate Student Features

The Undergraduate students are working along-side faculty members to create and present new knowledge in a variety of fields utilizing mathematics.  
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catherine manzano1    
    Congratulations Catherine Berrouet, B.S., Mathematics (candidate) Congratulations Elizabeth Manzano, B.S., Mathematics                                     (candidate)    
Ms. Catherine Berrouet took a Preparation for Industrial Careers (PIC) mathematics course sponsored by the Moffitt Cancer Research Center during the spring, 2017.  Catherine and Jake Nadulek have co-authored a paper they will present at the Mathematical Association of America's (MAA) MathFest, July 26-29, 2017.

Ms. Elizabeth Manzano and her colleagues have authored a paper entitled, "A Mathematical Model to Predict Tumor Responses to   Cancer Drugs Based on Dose Response Curves in the Continuous Case."  Elizabeth intends to go work in the aerospace field as a statistician.  



Upcoming Mathematical Meetings and Conferences

Joint Meeting of the Florida Section of the Math Association of America (MAA) and the Florida Two Year College Math Association (FTYCMA)
February 9-10, 2018; Florida Atlantic University, Davie, Florida 

49th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, 2018
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March 5-9, 2018, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

Recent Progress in Euclidean Geometry
March 16, 2018, Florida Atlantic University, PS 109; 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Code-Based Cryptography Workshop, 2018
April 5-6, 2018; Davie West, Davie Campus of Florida Atlantic University, Davie, Florida

PQ Crypto, 2018
April 9-11, 2018; Hyatt Regency, Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Math Day Events

MuAlphaTheta Math Competition
January 20, 2018, Florida Atlantic University, Davie Campus.

FAU Math Day for High School Students - Registration is open
January 27, 2018, Florida Atlantic University, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The AMC 10/12A will be held on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 beginning at 9:30am.
The AMC10/12B will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2018 beginning at 8:30am.
Math Boot Camp - FAU Students - Need to improve your mathematical skills? Check out the Math Boot Camp!
Check out new sessions throughout the semester!