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In Memory of Dr. Viola-Prioli

Dr. Viola-Prioli 

Affiliate Faculty

Affiliated Faculty Title & Degree
Dr. Larent Cherubin
Research Associate Professor (HBOI)
Ph.D., University of Méditerranée, 2000
Dr. Warren McGovern
Associate Professor, Jupiter campus
Ph.D., University of Florida
Dr. John (Dan) Morris
Professor, College of Education
Ph.D., University of Florida
Dr. Navin Singhi
Affiliate Research Professor
10/1/09 - 12/31/17
Ph.D., University of Mumbai, 1974


We thank our previous visitors for collaborating with us!

Ms. Jing Zhai, Affiliate Research Associate, 3/2/15 - 3/1/16 from ChongQuing University

Ms. Haibo Yang, Affiliate Scholar, 9/1/14 - 5/1/16, from Shandong University

Dr. Zhongmei Wan, Affiliate Research Associate, 3/2/15 - 3/1/16, from Shanghai Jiatong University

Dr. Wei Gu, Affiliate Research Associate, 3/1/15 - 8/1/16, from Huazhong University


**Please note: All above email addresses are "@fau.edu" unless otherwise indicated.
***Area code is 561 for all above phone numbers.