Cryptography is the science that studies secure communication in the presence of third parties. To do this, it uses a lot of tools from various areas such as Pure Mathematics, Computer Science, and even Engineering. Modern-day cryptography relies heavily on hard mathematical problems that come from Number Theory or other areas of mathematics, like factoring a product of two large primes, computing discrete logarithms, finding short vectors in lattices and decoding linear codes.
Cryptography is everywhere in our daily lives, and everyone is familiar with concepts such as Encryption, Authentication and Digital Signatures. As we delve deeper and deeper in a digital era, it is fundamental to ensure that cryptography can provide us with reliable methods for protecting our information. In particular, one of the most important and time-sensitive matters is designing Post-Quantum secure primitives. In fact, most of the cryptography in use today will be vulnerable once quantum computers with enough computational power is available. The process for designing, testing, optimizing and standardizing cryptographic primitives is long and intense, and with this in mind, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has launched a competition to select a range of post-quantum primitives to become the new public-key cryptography standard.



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The team in FAU’s Math Department is comprised of five faculty members who are internationally-recognized researchers in the cryptographic community. 

     shibai           koray           spyros           edoardo           rainer     
Dr. Shi Bai Dr Koray Karabina Dr. Spyros Magliveras Dr. Edoardo Persichetti Dr. Rainer Steinwandt

FAU is actively involved in the NIST competition with four proposals for key-exchange/encryption protocols.


Current Grants and Projects



Secure and Efficient Solutions for Post-Quantum Cryptography from Codes with Compact Representations
PI: Edoardo Persichetti
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation






Development of a Blockchain Oriented Security Class
7/01/2018 - 12/31/2019
PI: Koray Karabina
Funding Agency: Cyber Florida


T. Lange and R. Steinwandt (eds.): Post-Quantum Cryptography, 9th    International Conference, 
PQCrypto 2018, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 10786, 2018. 

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Lattice Algorithms for Post-Quantum Cryptography12/15/2018 - 12/14/2021
PI: Shi Bai/Co-PI: Rainer Steinwandt
Funding Agency: NIST


A Platform for the Evaluation of Post-Quantum Primitives
PI: Edoardo Persichetti/Co-PIs: Shi Bai, Koray Karabina, Rainer Steinwandt
12/15/2018 - 12/14/2020
Funding Agency: NIST

Secure Communication in the Quantum Era
Approved: Mar 2018
Co-Director US: Rainer Steinwandt
Funding Agency: NATO SPS
Emerging Side-Channel Resistant and Resource-Friendly Elliptic Curve Algorithms and Architectures 
5/1/17 - 4/30/20
PI: Reza Azarderakhsh / Co-PI: Koray Karabina
Funding Agency: US Army

Studie Entwicklungsstand Quantencomputer/ Study development of quantum computer
1/10/17 - 1/9/20
PI: Rainer Steinwandt
Funding Agency: Saarland University (GER)/ German Federal Office for Information Security


Privacy-Aware Wearable-Assisted Continuous Authentication Framework, 
8/15/17 - 7/31/19
PI: Koray Karabina
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation


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X Zou, B. Ramamurty, and S.S. Magliveras: 
Secure Group Communications over Data Networks, Springer, 2005.


Journal of Mathematical Cryptology



Online Modules for Emerging Topics in Cryptography

PI: Jean-François Biasse (USF), co-PI: Rainer Steinwandt


  cyberfla   Young CryptograpHERS: a Cybersecurity Summer Camp for K-12 Girls

PI: Edoardo Persichetti, co-PIs: Shi Bai and Rainer Steinwandt