The Math Club

The Math Club is an organization that strives to bring together math enthusiasts at Florida Atlantic University, for the purpose of improving academic ability, spreading awareness of mathematics’ importance, and sharing a passion for the field. The club is open to all majors and all math backgrounds. Activities at the club will include:

  • Discussion of mathematics’ applications and importance.
  • Study sessions for mathematical concepts
  • Group problem solving of math problems from a variety of fields, including set theory, algebra, geometry, topology, and more.
  • Presentation of exciting mathematical research and concepts.
  • Estimathon
  • Discussions on graduate school and employment 
  • Summer meetings time and location: Wednesday 5:00 - 6:00, Science Building (SE) Rm.215
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Amaury "Amaury" Minino

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Amaury Minino is a Sophomore studying mathematics and economics. Until he turns 35 and can run for President of the United States, he is dedicating his time and energy to being the President of the Math Club. Since the first few weeks of his first semester at FAU, Amaury has been interested in starting the Math Club. He views the Math Club as a place for admirers of mathematics to come together and connect. His academic interests include financial math and behavioral economics. His personal interests include longboarding, photography, and archery. 

Yichen "Ruby" Huang


Yichen (can call her “Ruby” if you find it hard to pronounce her name) Huang is a freshman majoring in biological sciences. She is an atypical introvert who finds joy in the smallest things and holds fast to the belief that everything interconnects by a type of universal code. She has a broad interest in visual arts, music, sciences, and last but not least, math. Fun fact: In elementary school, her math grade dropped below average. She thought she hated math, but her later actions proved her wrong with voluntarily taking math classes, joining the math club in high school, and taking part in math competitions.

Kenneth "Alex" Dowling


Kenneth (Going by his middle name "Alex") Dowling is currently a freshman math major serving as treasurer of the Math Club. Since elementary school, Alex has loved mathematics and its application to everyday life, competing in math competitions at the national level. Alex is the type of person to ask plenty of questions and be more curious about a problem than intimidated. Passion for mathematics, enthusiastic and tenacious personality and generally optimistic attitude define whom Alex is.

Dr. Edoardo Persichetti