FAU Math Days

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a series of interrelated events designed to increase interest in mathematics, recognize mathematical excellence and inspire local elementary, middle, and high school students to pursue careers in mathematics.

High School Math Day

Beginning in 2005, this annual event provides a day of competitions and seminars designed to provide high school students and their teachers with an opportunity to share an appreciation of mathematics, to exchange ideas, and to interact with FAU Mathematics faculty.

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

The Mathematical Association of America hosts the annual AMC contests for middle and high school students. We began the AMC10-12 Contests in as early as 2007. Its purpose is to spur interest in mathematics and develop talent through the excitement of friendly competition at problem-solving in a timed format. 

Mini-Math Day

The Mathematical Sciences department hosts one whole grade from a local elementary school to participate in a program of mathematically related fun and games. These "Mini-Math Days," which began in 2008, are designed to promote mathematical excellence and inspire mathematical talent early in our youth.

Middle School Math Day

The Mathematical Sciences department hosts several middle schools in a combination of the American Mathematics Competition (AMC-8) and our traditional Math Day events. Beginning in 2010, this event combines a national competition, mathematical talks and a team game. Students have a chance to interact with FAU Mathematics faculty while engaging in both national and local competition.

Pi Day at FAU

Pi Day activities for 2017 included Karen Slattery's Pre-K, Henderson's 8th Grade and FAU undergraduate/graduate students.

Math Students' Circle at FAU

In this newest addition to our Math Days program, faculty members meet one afternoon each month with local middle-school students and solve challenging mathematical problems together.

Math Teachers' Circle at FAU

We began in Summer 2014 with a week-long session, and continue with monthly sessions. The Math Teachers' Circle allows middle school teachers to interact with FAU faculty and create a dynamic community of math educators.


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