Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics

This graduate mathematics degree program with an emphasis on issues of teaching provides post-baccalaureate education both for certified secondary school teachers and those wanting to teach at the state college level.  This M.S.T. degree program does not provide teaching certification.



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lariza-small"I'm simply astonished. I never could've made the connections to a high  school Algebra 1 class that this class bridged for me. Interesting it most  certainly was,and for once I think my students would agree! I was  constantly mesmerized by the ability these activities had to make these abstract and seemingly useless skills, pertinent, engaging, and a necessary means to a worthwhile end. How irresistible it suddenly seems to learn and  do mathematics! I'm excited about the prospect of doing these activities with my students." - Lariza Ramsammy 





andrw"After working as an engineer for many years, I wanted a career change. I enrolled in FAU Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics and I couldn't be happier with my experience so far. The curriculum is challenging but directly relevant to a career in mathematics education. The schedule flexibility allows me to take both online courses and core graduate level mathematics courses at my own pace. I appreciate the professionalism and warm atmosphere of the FAU mathematics department. The professors at FAU set high standards; but give all of the support needed to achieve them. I have also had a great experience working with the other MST students who share both a passion for mathematics learning as well as invaluable professional experience in the field." - Andrew Van Heden



Entrance Requirement

Admission requirements for the M.S.T. program are the same as for the M.S. in Mathematics.  

Applicants without a mathematics degree must have taken a substantial amount of upper-division mathematics and will be required to complete MAS 4301, Modern Algebra, and MAA 4200, Modern Analysis, if their equivalents have not been taken.  See item [3] on our Frequently Asked Questions page for a list of required prerequisite coursework.

Degree Requirement

This program requires 24 credits of mathematics courses and  6 credits of education courses at or above the 5000 levels (Candidates without a valid secondary certificate or with less than two years of teaching experience might be required to complete a 6-credit internship).  The Mathematical Sciences Department offers one or two 6000-level classes specifically designed for the M.S.T. program each semester (including summers).

Candidates may also choose to write a 6-credit thesis on a (pre-approved) topic of mathematics in lieu of 6-credits of mathematics coursework.


Program Contact

Dr. Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak -, MST Director

Mrs. Sonia Clayton,, M.S.T Program Coordinator and Math Lab Coordinator.

                               Online Courses and Rotation Schedule




Fall 2022

MAS 6318- Advanced Algebra and Geometry

Spring 2023

STA 6116- Survey of Statistics and Probability

Summer 2023

MAD 6108 - Introductory Discrete Mathematics 

Fall 2023

MAS 6217 - Number Theory and Cryptography

Spring 2024

MTG 6418- Dynamical Systems, Chaos & Computing

Summer 2024

MAT 6516- Problem Solving and Recreational Math

Fall 2024

MHF 6410-  Calculus from a Historical Perspective 

Spring 2025

MTG 6415- Fractal Geometry

Summer 2025

MTG 6226- Advanced Euclidean Geometry


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Prof. Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak