Minor in Statistics

The minor enables students to pursue knowledge in statistics while pursuing a major in other disciplines, including mathematics. The required curriculum provides necessary statistical foundations of the field and practical applications relevant to their chosen area of specialization. Each course must be completed with a grade of at least a C.

To complete the minor in statistics, one has to complete the following required courses:

Checklist for Minor

Title Course Credits
Calculus 1 or Calculus for Engineers 1 MAC 2311 or MAC 2281 4
Calculus 2 or Calculus for Engineers 2 MAC 2312 or MAC 2282 4
Matrix Theory MAS 2103 3
Core Required Courses
Applied Statistics Lab STA 4202L 1
Applied Statistics 1 STA 4234 2
Probability and Statistics 1 STA 4442 3
Probability and Statistics 2 or Probability and Statistics for Engineers STA 4443 or STA 4032 3
Select two electives from the following:
Intermediate Econometrics ECO 4422 3
Introduction to Queuing Theory MAP 4260 3
Statistical Physics PHY 4523 3
SAS for Data and Statistical Analysis STA 3024 3
RI: Computational Statistics  STA 4102 3
RI: Statistical Learning STA 4241 3
Statistical Designs STA 4222 3
Applied Statistics 2 STA 4702 3
Applied Time Series and Forecasting STA 4853 3
Mathematics and Statistics Total   26


* As with all degree programs, the authoritative source for the degree requirements is the University Catalog that was in effect for the academic year in which the student entered the University. The information on this page does not supersede the Catalog.

For information about the Certificate Program or Minor in Statistics contact:
Lun-Ching Chang, Ph.D. Statistics Advisor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Boca Raton Campus
Office Phone: 561-297-3351
Email: changl@fau.edu