Open Positions in the 
Department of
Mathematical Sciences

Tenure-track position at the
Assistant Professor level in the area
of algebra, starting in August 2018.

Algebra   (Position description)

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Tenure-track position at the
Assistant Professor level in the area
of topological data analysis, starting
in August 2018.

Topological Data Analysis  (Position description)

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Recent Funding

Studie Entwicklungsstand Quantencomputer
Study development of quantum computer

PI: Rainer Steinwandt

Funding Agency: Saarland University (GER)
German Federal Office for Information Security

Linking Within-Host and Between-Host
Infectious Disease Dynamics

PI: Necibe Tuncer

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Emerging Side-Channel Resistant and
Resource-Friendly Elliptic Curve
Algorithms and Architectures 

PI: Reza Azarderakhsh/Co-PI: Koray Karabina

Funding Agency: US Army

Recent Publications

Dr. Tim Ford, has written a new 
textbook entitles, Separable Algebra.
Due to be published on October 20, 2017,
this book presents a comprehensive
introduction to the theory of separable
algebras over commutative rings.
Azumaya algebras, the henselization of
local rings, and Galois theory are
rigorously introduced and treated.
Essential connections are drawn
between the theory of separable
algebras and Morita theory, the theory
of faithfully flat descent, cohomology,
derivations, differentials, reflexive lattices,
maximal orders, and class groups.


Subject-wise empirical likelihood

inference in partial linear models
for longitudinal data

Lianfen Qian, Suojin Wang

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

On the Tucker Circles

Sandor Nagydobai Kiss, Paul Yiu

Forum Geometricorum

Connecting Orbits for Compact Infinite 

Dimensional Maps: Computer Assisted 
Proofs of Existence

R. de la Llave, J.D. Mireles James

SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


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Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Programs

[1] I am interested in a PhD degree. Should I apply for the Master's program to obtain an MS degree first?
NO. Many students enter the PhD program with no prior graduate work. After about two years in the PhD program, you can obtain a Master's degree from FAU while continuing to work toward your PhD.

[2] Are there fees or other costs that a Graduate Teaching Assistantship does not cover?
YES. Tuition waivers cover matriculation and non-resident fees only. All other student fees must be paid by the student. For a complete list of all relevant fees click here: tuition breakdown . Also, international students must purchase health insurance before registration. For more information click here: health insurance information.

[3] I have a Bachelor's degree in a field related to mathematics (such as engineering). What courses do I need to take before I can apply for a graduate degree in mathematics? Applicants without a Bachelor's degree with a major in Mathematics will be expected to complete AT LEAST the equivalent of the following coursework with a 3.0 GPA:
Calculus 1, 2, and 3
Matrix Theory
Discrete Mathematics
Modern Analysis
Modern Algebra
Probability and Statistics 1
to be considered for admission to a graduate degree program in Mathematics. Linear Algebra 2 is also strongly recommended. Consult with the graduate director to assess your specific circumstances.

[4] How many graduate credits can be transferred to FAU?
PhD students can transfer up to 36 graduate credits, and Master's students can transfer up to 6 credits. Transfer credit is subject to approval by the departmental graduate committee.

[5] How many credits can I take as a nondegree-seeking student?
You can take as many prerequisite undergraduate courses as a nondegree-seeking student as necessary. However, only 6 graduate credits obtained as a nondegree-seeking student (at FAU or at another institution) can be applied to a graduate degree.

[6] My goal is to teach mathematics at a commmunity college, what degree program do I need?
Florida state law requires at least 18 credits of graduate-level coursework to be eligible to teach at a community college. HOWEVER, this is the MINIMUM requirement. Each community college has its own standards concerning the qualifications and/or degrees necessary to teach there. We strongly recommend that you contact the specific community colleges where you may be interested in teaching and find out what qualifications are necessary BEFORE pursuing this career path. In any case, you must have the prerequisite undergraduate mathematics courses to enroll in graduate courses in mathematics or to be accepted into a graduate degree program. See the question [3] above for a list of prerequisite undergraduate courses.

[7] I am an international student, but I am currently at another US institution, do I need to submit a TOEFL score?
If you will receive a degree from a US institution before attending FAU AND you have been in the United States for at least 2 years, then you do not need to submit a TOEFL score. Otherwise a recent TOEFL score is required.

[8] Can I substitute different courses for those in a certain track of the Masters in Applied Math and Statistics program?
YES. Appropriate substitutions can be made with pre-approval of the departmental graduate committee.

[9] I would like to obtain a Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics, however my major is not in Mathematics. What are the required prerequisite coursework?
Applicants without a mathematics degreee must have taken a substantial amount of upper division mathematics and will be required to complete MAS 4301 Modern Algebra and MAA 4200 Modern Analysis if these or thier equivalents have not been taken.

[10] I would like to take Advanced Research (AR), Directed Independent Studies (DIS) or Dissertation (DI) credits this semester. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
YES. Dissertation credits can only be taken after admission to candidacy. With the exception of summer semesters, no AR/DIS/DI credits can be taken prior to successful completion of both qualifying exams. Moreover, prior to successful completion of the preliminary exam at most 3 AR/DIS/DI credits can be taken.

[11] What is the timeline for M.S. and Ph.D. defenses at the Department of Mathematical Sciences?

  • Beginning of the semester: Notification of supervisory committee and submission of application for degree in accordance with FAU deadlines.
  • Four weeks prior to the defense: Submission of complete thesis draft to the members of the thesis committee.
  • Two weeks prior to the defense: Proposed thesis is made available to the departmental graduate faculty in SE 234.
  • Public defense of the thesis.

If you have further questions about graduate programs contact:
Prof. Yuan Wang, Graduate Director
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades RD
Boca Raton, FL 33431