54th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing

March 6-10, 2023






Carr, John University of North Alabama

Color Trades on Graphs

Fonseca, Carlos M.

Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Kuwait

The number of P-vertices of singular acyclic matrices: An inverse problem

Freyberg, Bryan

University of Minnesota Duluth

On the Face-Magic Strength of Cartesian Products of Paths and Cycles

Gould, Ron

Emory University

Have You Ever Meta-Conjectured?

Gould, Rom

Emory University

Looking For Saturation In All Kinds of Places

Hayat, Sakander

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Graphs whose generalized adjacency matrix has few distinct eigenvalues

Low, Richard San Jose State University

Computation of New Diagonal Graph Ramsey Numbers

Manuel, Paul Kuwait University

Dual min-max graph combinatorial problems for multi-dimensional grid net-

Painter, Jared University of North Alabama

Harmonious Labelings of Symmetric Starlike Trees

Pérez-Alonso, Alain

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

A new optimization model for well-balanced multiple team formation

Pulapaka, Hari Stetson University

Bipartite Network Models for Food Systems

Reiswig, Josiah Anderson University

The Steiner distance problem for large vertex subsets in the hypercube

Shozi, Zekhaya  Sol Plaatje University

A generalization of Petersen’s matching theorem

Wang, Ping

Saint Francis Xavier University

An algorithm on strong edge coloring of K4-minor free graphs


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