53rd Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing

March 7-11, 2022






Abueida, Atif

University of Dayton On decompositions of the Johnson Graph

Agrahari, Gyaneshwar

Youngstown State University Multiplicative Harmonious Labeling

Agrinsoni, Carlos

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras A New Absolute Irreducibility Criterion for Multivariate Polynomials over Finite Fields: Its Complexity and Applications

Angeleska, Angela

University of Tampa On the number of components of coherent partitions

Arrieta, Eddie

Inter American University Further Classes of Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Error-Correcting Codes for Quantum Computers using the GO-UP and the CSS Construction from Subfield of Subcodes of Some AG Codes and Their Parameters

Asefa-Fufa, Samuel

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia 3'-GDDs with 4 Groups and Block Size 5

Bajnok, Béla

Gettysburg College Additive Combinatorics I: An introduction
Additive Combinatorics II: Open questions

Bajnok, Béla

Gettysburg College Combinatorics at the USA Mathematical Olympiad

Baker, Noah

Davidson College Triangle Degrees

Balasubramanian, Suman

DePauw University Graph Energy of Random Geometric Graphs

Balogh, Jozsef

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign An upper bound on the size of Sidon sets

Barrus, Michael     

University of Rhode Island                                Cliques in the realization graph of a degree sequence

Benakli, Nadia

New York City College of Technology, CUNY The Threshold Strong Dimension of Starlike Trees

Benítez-Bobadilla, G.

UNAM      Kernels of (H, k)-reachability

Betten, Anton

Kuwait University Better CRC Codes for the Internet

Bhoumik, Soumya 

Fort Hays State University On (a, d)−Irregular Total Labelings

Bickle, Allan

Penn State, Altoona Extremal Decompositions for Nordhaus-Gaddum Theorems

Bjorkman, Beth

Air Force Laboratory Power Domination Reconfiguration (Part 2)

Blair, Howard

Syracuse University From coloring the real numbers to constructing wave functions on graphs

Blake, Heather

Davidson College Hamilton Paths in Domination Reconfiguration Graphs

Boats, Jeffrey

University of Detroit Mercy Pansophy on Semi Directed Graphs

Bong, Novi

University of Deleware Properties of the Zero Forcing TAR Reconfiguration Graph

Brewster, Richard

Thompson Rivers University Switch homomorphisms of (m, n)-mixed graphs

Brimkov, Boris

Slippery Rock University Coloring Intersection Points of Line Segments

Buchanan, Calum

University of Vermont Odd covers with complete bipartite graphs

Butler, Steve (3/10, PM)

Iowa State University Passing drops and descents

Butler, Steve (3/11, AM)

Iowa State University Hadamard diagonalizable graphs of small order

Byers, Alexis

Youngstown State University The Down Arrow Ramsey Set

Cameron, Peter

University of St. Andrews

The geometry of diagonal groups

Graphs on groups

Carlson, Joshua

Drake University Zero Forcing TAR Graphs and Polynomials

Charles, Courteney

Howard University Constructing Clifford Graph Algebras for Caterpillar Trees

Che, Zhongyuan

Penn State University, Beaver Campus (k+1)-line graphs of k-trees

Choi, Sul-young

Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY On the minimum locating number of graphs with a given order

Christiono, Anne

William P. Clements High School The Wiener index: from trees to graphs with many cut-edges
Cloteaux, Brian

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Graphic Approximation of Integer Sequences
Collins, Karen

Wesleyan University

Representations of Split Graphs using Ferrers Diagrams and Integer Partitions
Connelly, Robert

Cornell University

Universal Rigidity for Ladders on a Line
Curran, Stephen

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Prime labelings on planar grid graphs
D'Andrea, Joy

University of South Florida Sarasota – Manatee

Extension of Fundamental Transversals and Euler’s Polyhedron Theorem
Davenport, Dennis

Howard University

Production Matrices for Double Riordan Arrays
Dewar, Sean

Johann Radon Institute (RICAM)

Flexing the 1-skeleton of a Penrose tiling
Doucette, Alexis

Stevens Institute of Technology

j-Multiple, k-Component Order Neighbor Connectivity: An Extension of Multiple Domination
Eakawinrujee, Pannawat

Thammasat University, Thailand

y-Paired Dominating Graphs of Paths and Cycles
El-Zanati, Saad

Illinois State University

On Hypergraph Designs
Engbers, John

Marquette University

Extremal vertex colorings of graphs
Fehribach, Joseph


Prime, Composite and Fundamental Kirchhoff Graphs
Fernandez, Blas

University of Primorska

On (almost) 2-Y-homogeneous distance-biregular graphs
Fitzgerald, Michaela

Stonehill College

DNA Self-Assembly: Friendship Graphs
Flagg, Mary

University of St. Thomas

Power Domination Reconfiguration (Part 1)
Freyberg, Bryan

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Red-blue colorings of graphs
Froncek, Dalibor

University of Minnesota Duluth

T-supermagic labeling of Cm Cn with non-Abelian groups
Giles, Colin

University of Vermont

Rainbow Numbers of [n] for Linear Equations
Gnang, Edinah

Johns Hopkins University

A proof of the Kotzig-Ringel-Rosa Conjecture
Gortler, Steven

Harvard University

Reconstructing configurations and graphs from unlabeled distance measurements
Grasegger, Georg

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Graph Splittings and Realization Counting
Gross, Elizabeth

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Maximum likelihood thresholds for Gaussian graphical models
Hadaway, Kimberly

Iowa State University

Enumerating Unit Interval Parking Functions
Hayat, Sakander

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

A spectral characterization for the s-extension of the square grid graphs
Hedtke, Alexa

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Neighborhood face-magic labelings of fans and ladders
Hogben, Leslie

Iowa State University

Zero forcing reconfiguration
Hollering, Benjamin

North Carolina State University

Identifiability in Phylogenetics using Algebraic Matroids
Holliday, Sarah

Kennesaw State University

Representatives of Special Families in Graphs
Horne, Dru

University of Georgia

On Maximum Packings of the Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraph with the Lines of the Pasch Configuration
Ibrahim, Hany

University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

Edge contraction and forbidden induced graphs
Irabor, Kehinde

Concordia University, Wisconsin

Characterization of Symmetric Digraphs whose Underlying Graph is the Complement of its Domination Graph
Jackson, Bill

Queen Mary University of London

Rigidity of Simplicial Complexes
Jacob, Bonnie

Rochester Institute of Technology

Failed zero forcing on trees
Jacob, Jobby

Rochester Institute of Technology

Failed positive semidefinite zero forcing for some classes of graphs
Jiang, Albert

Jasper High School

Algorithms for Computing the Wiener Index in Low Density Graphs and Maximizing the Vertex Weighted Wiener Index
Johnson, Katie

Florida Gulf Coast University

A Combinatorial Model for Merging in Traffic:  Connections to Other Combinatorial Objects
Johnson, Pete

Auburn University

Graph-referential list colorings of graphs
Johnston, Daniel

Skidmore College

Rainbow Saturation
Kagan, Michael

Pennsylvania State University

Applications of Resistance Distance in the context of Association Schemes
Khodkar, Abdollah

University of West Georgia

Signed Magic arrays with certain property
Kirkpatrick, Julie N.

Cedar Falls Community School District

On Decompositions of the Complete 4-Uniform Hypergraph into 4-Colorable 3-cycles
Koch, Johnathan

Youngstown State University

Multiplicative Harmonious Labeling
Kong, Nayeong

Indiana University East

Graph Energy of Random Geometric Graphs
Lakshmanan S., Aparna

Cochin University of Science and Technology

Geodesic Leech Graphs
Lau, Gee-Choon

Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia

On local antimagic chromatic number of cycle-related join graphs II
Levit, Vadim

Ariel University

Some new upper bounds on the number of maximum independent sets of a graph

Lidicky, Bernard

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Iowa State University   

Maximum Number of Almost Similar Triangles in the Plane

Low, Richard

San Jose State University

Application of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz to Integer-magic Graph Labelings

Malestein, Justin

University of Oklahoma

Rigidity and Ultrarigidity of Periodic Frameworks
Malic, Goran

Smith College

Combinatorial Resultants and Circuit Polynomials in the Algebraic Rigidity Matroid
Malinovsky, Yaakov

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

On Maximal Scores in Round-Robin Tournaments
Marr, Alison M.

Southwestern Unversity

Domino Antimagic Squares and Rectangles
Martin, Luke

Gonzaga University

Möbius Book Embeddings
Masroor, Razzi

Detroit Country Day School

Generalized matching preclusion for bipartite dual-cube-like networks
McAlpine, Robert

Stonehill College

On Edge-Balance Index Sets of Connected Complete Graphs
McColm, Greg

University of South Florida

Cut-and-Project Graphs
McGinn, Donald

University of West Florida

Completing partial transversals of Cayley tables of Abelian groups
McKee, Terry

Wright State University

Contextualizing Dahlhaus's Characterization of Strongly Chordal Graphs
McKenzie, Thomas

Gonzaga University

Deques on a Torus
Melles, Caroline

United States Naval Academy

Harmonic morphisms of graph products
Mengesha, Demelash      

University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa  

Resolving Sets of Directed Caley Graphs for the Direct Product of Cyclic Groups
Messinger, Margaret-Ellen

Mount Alison University

Eulerian k-dominating graphs
Meyerowitz, Aaron

Florida Atlantic University

Decomposing intervals into triples
Muth, Alicia

Stevens Institute of Technology

The Exceptional Invariance of Distance-l, k-Component Order Neighbor Connectivity
Myers, Timothy

Howard University

A Formal Construction of any Clifford Graph Algebra and Relationships Between Generators of its Different Bases
Mynhardt, Keika

University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Irredundance Graphs, Part 1
Narayan, Darren

Rochester Institute of Technology

The Failed Zero Forcing Number for Trees and Möbius Ladder Graphs
Nava, Joel Barraza

Colorado State University

Creating Goppa codes and MDS codes from curves on cubic surfaces with twenty-seven lines over fields of odd characteristic
Newman, Nicholas

Troy University

Colorings of Complete (p,q)-Uniform Circular Mixed Hypergraphs of Order n
Nishimura, Naomi

University of Waterloo

Parameterized complexity of reconfiguration of atoms
Nixon, Anthony

Lancaster University

Symmetric rigidity theory
Novick, Beth

Clemson University

Irreducible graphs for the threshold strong dimension
O, Suil


Eigenvalues and connected factors in regular multigraphs
Ogawa, Kenjiro 

Morimasa Tsuchiya, Tokai University

Double maximal graphs of posets
Olejniczak, Drake

Purdue University, Fort Wayne

Changing the Uniform Spectrum
Ollis, Matt

Emerson College

The Buratti-Horak-Rosa Conjecture Holds for Some Underlying Sets of Size Three
Overbay, Shannon

Gonzaga University

Subhamiltonian Toroidal Graphs
Pach, Peter

Budapest University of Technology

The Alon-Jaeger-Tarsi conjecture via group ring identities
Perry, Katherine

Soka UNiversity of America

Breaking Symmetries: Distinguishing Mycielskian Graphs
Pratihar, Rakhi

University of Tromso, Norway

Weight spectra of Gabidulin rank-metric codes and Betti numbers
Quinn, Jennifer

University of Washington, Tacoma

Epic Math Battles: Counting vs. Matching—The Rematch

Pfaffians are Pfine

Quiroz, Daniel

Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile

Characterizing and recognizing exact squares of graphs

Randrianarisoa, Tovohery 

Florida Atlantic University

On the Shellability of Ranked Lattice
Redlin, Shayla

University of Waterloo

Enumeration of extensions of the cycle matroid of a complete graph
Reid, T.J.

University of Mississippi

On graphs with a small circuit-spectrum
Rimal, Ramchandra

Middle Tenneessee State University

A neural network based models for classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rojas-Osorio, Alejandra

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Consecutive patterns in Catalan Words and the Descent Distribution
Rombach, Puck

University of Vermont

Symmetry breaking of hypercube families
Roux, Riana

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Irredundance Graphs, Part 2
Rukavina, Sanja 

University of Rijeka, Croatia

On the 2-Y -homogeneous condition of the incidence graphs of 2-designs
Saccoman, John

Seton Hall University

Strongly Regular Multigraphs
Santana, Mike

Grand Valley State University

Disjoint cycles in graphs with restricted independence number
Sarvate, Dinesh

College of Charleston

Some Small 4-GDDs
Schluchter, Steve

George Mason University

Applications of topological graph theory to 2-manifold learning
Schulze, Bernd

Lancaster University

States of self-stress in symmetric frameworks and applications
Sciriha, Irene 

University of Malta

Beyond the Symmetries of the Base graphs of a Canonical Double Cover
Seo, Suk Jai

Middle Tennessee State University

Fault-tolerant identifying codes
Sepanski, Mark

Baylor University

Partitions with Designated Summands Not Divisible by 2l, 2, and 3l Modulo 2, 4, and 3
Shahrokhi, Farhad

University of North Texas

New results for dominating sets and 2-packings in graphs
Shen, Zhizhang

Plymouth State University

On the Upper Bounds of the g-extra Connectivity of Augmented Hypercubes
Sidman, Jessica

Mount Holyoke College

Line arrangements via rigidity theory
Sims, William

The University of Florida

Graph-edge Pairs with the 3-Dimensional Single Interval Property
Singh, Jagdeep

Louisiana State University

The smallest class of binary matroids closed under direct sums and complements
Sitharam, Meera

University of Florida

Rigidity and Matroid Theory for Circle Contact Structures in the Plane
Stinson, Doug

University of Waterloo

Asymmetric All-or-nothing Transforms
Streinu, Ileana 

Smith College

Rigidity Matroids: Combinatorial, Linear and Algebraic
Stucky, Eric Nathan

Univerzita Karlova

Cyclic Actions in Parking Spaces
Su, Hsin-Hao

Stonehill College

On the Integer-Magic Spectra of Dumbbell-Friendship Graphs
Sullivan, Shaun

Florida Gulf Coast University

A Combinatorial Model for Merging in Traffic: Lattice Path Approach
Tagusari, Satoshi

Morimasa Tsuchiya, Tokai University

Upper bound graphs and forbidden subposets
Tefera, Zebene Girma

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

3'-GDDs with 3 Groups and Block Size 5
Theran, Louis

University of St Andrews

General position stresses
Todt, Heiko

Stonehill College

On Edge-Balance Index Sets of Generalized Friendship Graphs
Urizar, David

Florida Atlantic University

Angular Constraints on Bar-and-Joint Frameworks in the Plane
Vaidya, Sanju

Mercy College

Bounds for Vulnerability Measures of Graphs
Velazquez Santiago, Jose W.

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

LDPC Codes via Bent/Near-Bent Functions: Properties and Applications to NASA Deep Space
Vining, John C. III

Syracuse University

Quantum State Diffusion on a Graph
Walsh, Zach

Louisiana State University

A New Matroid Lift Construction
Wang, Yu

Haikou Pathbreaker Association

A logical proof of the Four Color Problem
Wei, Bing

University of Mississippi

On saturation numbers of double stars
Wierman, John C.

Johns Hopkins University

An improved upper bound for the site percolation threshold of the square lattice
Winters, Steven

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Tours of a Generalized Knight on Rectangular Chessboards
Wisby, Justin

Florida International University

Closed Formulas for total 2-domination of the Cartesian Product of Complete Graphs
Woldemariam, D.

Adama Science and Technology University

A Construction of GDDs with block size 4 with unequal group sizes
Xiao, Kevin

Westwood High School

Wiener Indices of Graphs with Many Cut-Edges
Yatauro, Michael

Penn State, Brandywine

Toughness and the Wiener Index of a Graph
Yerger, Carl

Davidson College

The Existence of a Knight’s Tour on the Surface of Rectangular Boxes
Zeleke, Melkamu

William Paterson University of New Jersey

On Combinatorial Interpretations of some Elements of the Riordan Group
Zhang, Andrew

Wayzata High School

Gallai’s Conjecture in Complete Graphs and “Nearly” Complete Graphs
Zhang, Li

The Citadel

Group Divisible Designs with Three Groups and Block Size 4
Zhao, Cheng

Indiana State Univeristy

A Tie-Breaking Strategy for Star Clusterings of Bipartite Graphs
Zhao, Qinghong

University of Mississippi

Bonds intersecting long paths in k-connected graphs
Loew, Elizabeth


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