Anae Myers

PH.D. Candidate                          
Advisor: Dr. Yoram Sagher
Graduate Teaching Assistant



Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

M.S. in Mathematics


Aug 2017

Casualty Actuary Society

Associate of the Casualty Actuary Society (ACAS)


Aug 2015

Research Description

I am currently applying the theory of finitely additive measures to the study of norm inequalities for almost periodic functions. My research interests include harmonic analysis and interpolation theory.

Fellowships, Awards, and Conferences

Advanced Graduate Ambassadorship; Graduate Ambassadorship  Women and Mathematics Program and the Institute for Advanced Study ($1,000)

August 2019

2019 Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence
Florida Atlantic University ($5,000)


2019 Leanne and Spyros Magliveras Graduate Award ($800)

March 2019

2019 CBMS Conference "Fitting Smooth Functions to Data"
Travel Award ($1370)

August 2019

2019 Graduate Student Conference in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology
Travel Award ($290)

May 2019

2019 Program for Women in Mathematics (Topics in Geometric Analysis)

May 2019

Geometric and Harmonic Analysis Conference 2019
Travel Award ($600)

March 2019

Leanne and Spyros Magliveras Award

Florida Atlantic University Departmental Scholarship ($1,000)

 March 2019

Mid Atlantic Analysis Meeting
Travel Award ($500)

Nov 2018

Graduate Student Travel Award ($645)

 July 2018

AWM Student Chapter Award
For Funding and Sustainability ($100; $100)

July 2018, August 2019

Graduate Diversity Fellowship
Florida Atlantic University ($2,500)

2018, 2019

Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship
Florida Atlantic University ($5,000)

2017, 2018

2015 Chief Actuary’s Innovation Award
National Council on Compensation Insurance



Research Activity and Presentations

Norm Inequalities for the Fourier Coefficients of Some Almost Periodic Functions
Y. Boryshchak, A. Myers, Y. Sagher
Nonlinear Analysis, Volume 192, 2020, 111644, ISSN 0362-546X

March 2020

Dare to BEE – Advancing Women in Mathematics: On the Ground Initiatives
MAA MathFest Themed Contributed Paper Session

Aug 2018

A Lebesgue, but not Borel Measurable Set
FAU Master’s Presentation

June 2017

From Majoring in Mathematics to Ratemaking and Reserving
FAU Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

Jan 2015



Florida Women in Mathematics Day, Conference Organizer

February 9, 2019
February 1, 2020

Association for Women in Mathematics Graduate Student Chapter,  President,
(Vice President)

(2017 – 2018)

American Mathematical Society Graduate Student Chapter, Treasurer

2017 - 2018

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Member, Chapter Representative

2016 - Present


Women and Mathematics Program at the Institute for Advanced Study, FAU Department of Mathematical Sciences, Office of the Dean
2019 Postdoc Ambassadorship Co-organizer ($3,000; $1,500; $500)
2020 Advanced Graduate Ambassador; Graduate Ambassador ($2,000; $1,500)

Aug 2018

Association for Women in Mathematics Graduate Student Chapter
NSF INCLUDES WATCH US Minigrant ($4,825)

Oct 2017