FAU Graduate Student Earns Department of Defense Internship

An FAU graduate student, Trevor Williams, spent his summer doing research mathematics at a highly competitive Department of Defense internship.

In this internship, Trevor Obtained Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance.

Made significant progress on a mission-essential project while working within a Department of Defense mathematics research group.

Collaborated with a team of fellow graduate interns and Department of Defense employees to develop software with direct Department of Defense mission applications.

Attended talks by experienced researchers on topics like machine learning, graph analytics, and neural networks.

Cleaned and processed large data sets.

Used exploratory data analysis techniques to identify key features in data.

Learned and implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for natural language processing.

Created statistical methods, algorithms, and scores to detect anomalous messages.

Co-authored an internally refereed and published technical paper documenting the project's findings and recommending directions for further research.

Conveyed highly technical results to an executive audience including the Department of Defense officials and the Chief of Math Research.

Department of Defense internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students who are United States Citizens and are capable of obtaining a security clearance. More information about these internships can be found here: