Meet Jorge Gonzalez - Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Jorge, Gonzalez, Ph D. candidate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, spent a summer internship at the Center for Cyber Warfare, at Monterey, California.  His works seeks to understand how network traffic combines from individual sources in order to construct more accurate network traffic models and anomaly detection algorithms in an effort to secure American network infrastructure. 

During this internship experience, Jorge was most proud of the discovery of strong connections between network designs and known explanatory models in the literature.

“I was able to explore many connections of the project with my research interests in the field of dynamical systems, stochastic calculus and statistics.  Working on this important application was a fantastic experience.  It re-energized my aspirations of pursuing balance between theory and applications in my career. The advice and guidance of our mentor will be of immense value in future projects.”

Jorge offers great advice for future cohorts, stating that, “lab tours are a great opportunity to become familiar with many interesting research projects. Dedicate time to meet with mentors and explore your research interests.”

This project was divided into two papers which were submitted for publication at the end of my internship.   The first paper entitled, “Aggregated Impulses: Towards an explanatory model for network traffic,” was co-authored with mentors Dr. Bollmann and Joshua Clymer, has been accepted for presentation at the 2019 IEEE 40th Sarnoff Symposium.  

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