Math Day at FAU, October 23, 2021

math day 2021

Math Day 2021

It’s again another unprecedented year. We are kept in mind that in person events can cancel. So, we did another first. This year we had our first ever hybrid event. Hybrid events are great. We ensured the event will go on in any direction we need to take. All students whether they attended online or in person were able to participate in all activities. Over 100 attended this event.

The day started with a lecture from our keynote speaker this year is Dr. William Hahn, who leads FAU's effort in artificial intelligence. The Department of Mathematical Sciences is both a traditional mathematics department and a pioneer in areas of extreme importance in this day and age, such as data science, network security and artificial intelligence. The lecture was live and broadcasted over Zoom.

During the contest, all attendees logged into CANVAS and all their work and answers were documented through the portal. For the group at home, all cameras and speakers were on so we can oversee their workstation. The group on campus had moderators in the classroom.

During lunch, we had a in person and a virtual tour of the Sandbox at the Library. Where were introduced to the robots who live in the lab.  It was a fascinating tour.

This is our 17th year holding Math Day. We can say we never canceled one event! Students were excited to attend our first ever Hybrid Math Day! It was a great day of fun and we worked with a lot of very talented mathematicians in the making!

A quote from one of our attendees:

Jessica Wan says: I thought that Math Day was really exciting, both the competition and the visit to the Sandbox lab! The problems were creative and challenging and the guest talk on AI was very interesting, especially the demos with artificially created artworks. Overall, I loved attending the event in person to meet other mathletes in the community!

Yi Liu (parent of Kevin Liu) says: We should thank FAU a lot for encouraging local math kids. Kevin participated FAU high school math days when he was in his fourth grade and he never missed any following FAU high school math day. Kevin also got the first place in Mathcounts Florida State Competition, and national Top 56 in Mathcounts national in his 7th grade. We are so grateful to the opportunities FAU offered to the local math kids, and Kevin benefits from it. And the staff like Ms. Emily and Ms. Jeanne are so professional, Kevin is very lucky to live nearby and has the chance to encourage himself though different FAU math competitions.

Renzo L. says: Math day at FAU was a fantastic experience for me! The problems in the competition were great and not to mention the short tour of FAU's sandbox that the administrators granted us. We got to see a peak at some pretty high-tech computers and machines while also having a wonderful variety of food for lunch. I had so much fun that despite the event being hours long, it felt much shorter than that. I miss the experience, but I would gladly go again next year. The only complaint I have was that some of the problems this year had some strange answer choices. There were comments that the intended answer was missing, and that some of the problems themselves were wrong. However, for the most part, the problems were unique, and fun to solve.    The tour around campus and the sandbox was amazing, I enjoyed every minute of it.    P.S Thanks for the $50! (exclamation mark, not factorial)


Congratulations once again to all our winners:

Top 3 Individual Contest Winners:math day

1st Place: Jessica W. - Florida Virtual School

2nd Place: Albert W.- Broward Virtual School

3rd Place Tie:   Sailalitha K. - American Heritage School

                            Marvin G.– Spanish River High School

Honorable Mentions:

Xuzhou Ren- American Heritage School

Kevin L. - West Glades Middle School

Renzo L. - South Broward High School


TEAM Contest Winners - Top Schools:

1st Place: American Heritage (75 points)
Team members: Nicolas B., Corbin D., Jacob B., Saathvik S., and Sharvaa S..

2nd Place: Dreyfoos School of the Arts (70 points)
Team members: Lalima S., Nam T., and Mia H.

3rd Place: West Glades Middle School (65 points)
Team members: Jayden L., Darsh P., Kevin L., and Radhika N.

Honorable Mention Tie: Spanish River High School (50 points)math day 2021
Team members: Dylan Z., Marvin G., and Kai G.

Honorable Mention Tie: FAU High School (50 points)
Team members: Luke C., Isaac M., Armaan T., Mark Z., and Anirudh V.

In addition, while Individuals competing in the Team contest cannot win a prize for their school, we congratulate the following students on their achievements of scoring among the top scorers with a Team Score of 65: Jessica W., Renzo L. and Rish H.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! You are truly our inspiration! Thank you for being a part of our 1st Hybrid Math Day! You helped us celebrate our 17th Annual Math Day!