Archana Neupane Timsina

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Archana Neupane Timsina, Mathematical Sciences

June, 2022

Early congratulations to soon-to-be graduate Archana Neupane Timsina! Archana will graduate from FAU in August with her Ph.D. in Mathematics. Her research interests focus on infectious disease epidemics and computing invariant manifold of implicit dynamical systems.

What attracted you to math?

Since I was in high school, I've liked to solve mathematics using problem-solving ideas.

While a doctoral student at FAU, what was the focus of your research?

I focused on applied dynamical systems in two concentrations - mathematical biology and the computing invariant manifold of implicitly defined dynamical systems.

Which faculty members were instrumental in guiding you during your Ph.D. program?

Dr. Necibe Tuncer supervised me for Mathematical Biology. Dr. Jason Mireles-James supervised me for computing invariant manifold of implicitly defined dynamical systems. Drs. Papaya Bhattacharjee, Brittanney Amento and Lee Klingler helped advise me about future careers. Dr. Yuan Wang advised me about my graduate studies, along with leadership development skills.

They were instrumental in helping me successfully complete my graduate courses and research, as well as article publication, collaborative work, research presentations, leadership development and land a new career after graduation.

What kinds of experiences did you find at FAU?

I had several opportunities to travel and attend conferences and give presentations. I served as the Secretary and Vice President in the Association for Women in Mathematics, and I was the President of Nepali Students Association at FAU. I had three articles accepted for publication. I was able to teach undergraduate level courses as a full instructor. Also, I had the opportunity to study in a very motivational and encouraging environment.

I have been at FAU now for almost six years, and the experience has definitely changed my life. Several department faculty, staff and students are my life-long friends.

What are your plans after graduation?

I was accepted as a postdoctoral candidate in the Population, Health and Pathology Department at North Carolina State University.

Did you receive any awards at FAU?

Yes, I received the James Brewer Scholarship in 2019, and the Gus and Sharon Pearthree Math Graduate Scholars Award in 2021.

Do you have any advice for potential FAU math students?

FAU's Department of Mathematical Sciences is one of the best departments for research on both a national and international level. FAU has excellent faculty and a supportive environment, and it provides many opportunities for multidisciplinary, high-quality training for your future career.