Affordability Counts at FAU

The College of Science’s Methods of Calculus course text and supplemental materials are now free to ensure greater access and affordability to students. Through the State University System of Florida’s Affordability Counts initiative , the FAU Department of Mathematical Sciences began taking steps to advance affordability in its courses. A committee in the department found that the development of a free e-text for Methods of Calculus, which is a course that serves over 800 students each semester, would be of great benefit to many students in the college.

Thanks to Mathematics Instructor, Papiya Bhattacharjee, Ph.D., the Methods of Calculus (MAC 2233) e-text and the online platform for homework and examinations are provided at no cost to students. Papiya is the author of the new textbook for the course, which was adapted from a different free course text. The platform where students can work on assignments, submit homework, and take tests, is a free service that lowers educational costs for students. Papiya also developed over 50 videos, in conjunction with the Center for eLearning, which are embedded in the e-text to supplement the lessons. The online textbook is free for anyone to use, not just FAU students, and can be adapted for use at other universities.

The free e-text and materials for Methods of Calculus is “part of the Department of Mathematical Sciences’ ongoing efforts to help our students succeed in math. The department has a number of initiatives, including: lowering cost to student, providing additional learning support through the Learning Assistant program (in collaboration with the Math Learning Center), instituting innovative teaching methods, implementing courses in different formats (mini-terms and online learning), and so on,” states Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Evonne Rezler, Ph.D.