Zvi Rosen Receives the Mathematical Assocation of America's (MAA) Merten M. Hasse Award

July, 2021

zvi rosenThe 2021 Merten Hasse Award for expository writing goes to “Algebraic Matroids in Action’’ by FAU assistant professor, Zvi Rosen, Ph.D., in partnership with collaborators, Jessica Sidman, and Louis Theran.

In 1986 an anonymous donor gave the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) funds sufficient to support a prize honoring inspiring and dedicated teachers. The prize is to be named after Merten M. Hasse, who was a former teacher of the donor, and who exemplified these qualities of a fine teacher. The prize is designed to be an encouragement to younger mathematicians to take up the challenge of exposition and communication.

On their award, the authors said “It is a delightful surprise to receive the Merten M. Hasse Prize for our paper “Algebraic matroids in action.” The circle of ideas explored in the paper emerged from interactions between different communities: combinatorics, discrete geometry, algebraic geometry, and statistics. This synthesis guided our presentation, and we hope that our paper will be valuable as a guide. At the same time, all the concepts and tools have a deep historical background, which we quite enjoyed exploring.” 

Learn more about the MAA Merten M. Hasse Prize. View the MAA FOCUS newsmagazine that contains Rosen's award listing on page 13.