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Dr. Lee Klingler

Dr. Rindy Anderson
  • Professor
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Boca Raton - SE43, Room 362


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984

Research Interests

  • Rings and modules

Research Description

Most of my research has involved commutative rings or finitely generated modules over Noetherian rings.  Some of my early work was motivated by questions arising in algebraic control theory, but I have not thought about these things for several years.  For most of my career I have investigated questions of "tame" versus "wild" representation type, and I am still interested in some of these unanswered questions.  More recently, I have worked on constructions of large indecomposable modules over local rings, and I have studied conditions under which uniqueness of direct sum decompositions of modules holds; these continue to be areas of active research interest for me.  In the last few years, I have been looking at rings of continuous functions on completely regular topological spaces, and the relationship between topological properties of the space and algebraic properties of the ring; I hope to delve more deeply into this area in the years ahead.

Recent Publications

  • Unique decomposition into ideals for reduced commutative Noetherian rings, (with B. Ay), Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 363, No.7 (2011), 3703-3716.
  •  Rings of integer-valued polynomials with integer-valued derivatives, (with Y. Villanueva), Archiv der Mathematik, 100, No. 3 (2013), 245-254.
  •  E-sequences and the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem, (with M. Marshall), Journal of Number Theory, 133, No. 5 (2013), 1525-1536.
  •  Local Types of Prüfer rings, (with T. Lucas and M. Sharma), Journal of Algebra and its Applications, to appear.
  •  Pseudo-valuation rings and C(X), (with W. McGovern), submitted. 

Scholarly Activities

  • Volunteer for Math Days events.
  • Participant in Math Circles.
  • Active in promoting excellence in teaching and learning of mathematics.

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Imogen, 2017


God's Country Marathon, Potter County, PA, June 3, 2017.

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