55th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing

March 4-8, 2024


*  Special Session:  TBA       Organizer:  TBA
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Abay-Asmerom, Ghidewon  Virginia Commonwealth University

Graph Similarity on the Ge'ez Writing Characters (Fidel)

Abdallah, Mohamad  American University of Kuwait

Generalized 4-Connectivity of Alternating Group Networks

Aggarwal, Divya Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

Splitting subspaces of Linear Operators over Finite Fields

Ahmad, Sarfraz COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore

On inc-compatible monomial ordering on polynomial ring in in nite many variables

Akhmejanova, Margarita    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)   

On-line colorings of hypergraphs

Alekseyev, Max A. The George Washington University

On computing sets of integers with maximum number of pairs summing to powers of 2

Arif, Amina COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus, Pakistan

On irregularity indices and main eigenvalues of graphs and their applicability

Bailey, Sean Texas A& M University Texarkana

Probing Dot Product Graphs

Barrett, Wayne Brigham Young University

Graphs that allow two distinct eigenvalues

Bereg, Sergey University of Texas at Dallas

Improved Bounds on Permutation Arrays for Chebyshev Metric

Bjorkman, Beth ** Air Force Research Lab

Robust Power Domination Part 1: An Introduction

Boats, Jeffery University of Detroit Mercy

The Pansophy of Multipartite Graphs

Bowling, Andrew Western Michigan University

Zonal Labelings and the Four Color Problem

Brennan, Zachary ** Iowa State University

Orthogonal Realizations of Random Sign Patterns

Buchanan, Calum University of Vermont

On the last new vertex visited by a random walk in a directed graph

Bumpus, Benjamin Merlin  University of Florida

Chopping things up to decide stuff fast

Bushaw, Neal * Virginia Commonwealth University

Extremal Problems with Forbidden Color Classes

Cao, Lei Nova Southeastern University

Minimal 123-forcing matrices

Carlson, Joshua ** Drake University

Minimal Zero Forcing Sets

Carr, John University of North Alabama

Color Trades on Graphs

Carrigan, Braxton Southern Connecticut State University

Skolem Number of Lattice Type Graphs

Chen, Douglas Johns Hopkins University

Permutation-Invariant Parking Assortments

Chen, Guantao * Georgia State University

Multiplicity of the second-largest eigenvalue of graphs

Choi, Eric Georgia Gwinnett College

Properties of Pancentral and Pancyclic Graphs

Curran, Stephen University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

A Variant of Nim Played on Boolean Matrices

da Fonseca, Carlos M. Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Kuwait

The number of P-vertices of singular acyclic matrices: An inverse problem

Darrow, Brian Southern Connecticut State University

On decompositions of 3-uniform hypergraphs into tight cycles

De Agostino, Sergio Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Super-Extended Split Graphs and the 3-Sphere Regular Cellulation Conjecture

Dougherty, Ryan United States Military Academy

Asymptotics of Covering Arrays of Higher Index

English, Sean University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Saturation numbers for short hypegrgraph cycles

Erey, Aysel Utah State University

Tomescu’s graph coloring conjecture and beyond

Fallat, Shaun University of Regina

Revisiting the Parter-Wiener Theorem for Trees

Fehribach, Joseph WPI Mathematical Sciences

Families of Kirchhoff Graphs 

Flagg, Mary ** University of St. Thomas

Robust Power Domination Part 2: Complete Bipartite Graphs

Freyberg, Bryan

University of Minnesota Duluth

On the Face-Magic Strength of Cartesian Products of Paths and Cycles

Gao, Shanzhen

Virginia State University

Pell Numbers in Memory of John M. Freeman

Gao, Weizheng

West Virginia State University

Graph Theory Applications in Cybersecurity

Gao, Weizheng

West Virginia State University

Pell Numbers in Memory of John M. Freeman

Gilroy, Haile

Auburn University

A Class of Bicyclic Antiautomorphisms of Mendelsohn Triple Systems

Gnang, Edinah

Johns Hopkins University

A Functional Approach to Graph Labeling

Gnang, Edinah

Johns Hopkins University

The composition lemma and its applications to graph labelings

Goddard, Wayne

Clemson University

Bipartite Versions of Domination and Independence

Gossett, Ian

Wesleyan University

Orientations and Additive Colorings of Graphs

Gould, Ron

Emory University

Have You Ever Meta-Conjectured?

Gould, Ron

Emory University

Looking For Saturation In All Kinds of Places

Gould, Ron *

Emory University

Saturation Spectrum for Odd Cycles

Gu, Xiaofeng *

University of West Georgia

Extremal results of transversal critical graphs

Gutierrez, Jaime 

University of Cantabria, Spain

Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares based on e-Klenian polynomials

Hallas, Kristen
Perez, Deanna

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Root Behavior of Golden-like Recursive Polynomials

Hayat, Sakander

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Graphs whose generalized adjacency matrix has few distinct eigenvalues

Heath, Emily

Iowa State University

Online Ramsey numbers of ordered paths and cycles

Holliday, Sarah

Kennesaw State University

List colorings of graphs

Huntsman, Steve

Category Capital

Discrete topological methods for cybersecurity, network science, and machine learning

Isaak, Garth

Lehigh University

Enumerating List Colorings

Jacob, Bonnie **

Rochester Institue of Technology

Which graphs are well-zero-forced?

Jacob, Jobby

Rochester Institue of Technology

L(h; k) labelings some classes of graphs

Jeffries, Joel

Iowa State University

A modified Schütte’s property and its application to dice games

Johnson, Peter

Auburn University

Colorings of Graphs With Reference to Other Graphs

Johnston, Daniel

Trinity College

Equitable Choosability of Prism Graphs

Joslin, Samuel

Georgetown University

Geometric Parameters of Bipartite Suspensions

Kikas, Lazaros

University of Detroit Mercy

Effect of a Superuser on the Pansophy of a Network

Kingan, Sandra

Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Characterizing minimally 3-connected graphs

Knudson, Adam

Brigham Young University

A Nordhaus-Gaddum type problem for the normalized Laplacian spectrum and graph Cheeger constant

Kainen, Paul C.

Georgetown Unversity

Theory of cycles in computing

Koch, Johnathan

Youngstown State University

The Power Domination Toolbox

Kritschgau, Jürgen

Carnegie Mellon University

Bounds on the q-forcing number for trees and caterpillar cycles

Kruk, Serge

Oakland University

Optimal BIBDs via Constraint Programming

Langley, Larry

University of the Pacific

An Extension of Seymour's Second Neighborhood Conjecture

Larson, Craig *

Virginia Commonwealth University

Size in Independence Number 2 Graphs

Leal, Caroline

United States Naval Academy

Minimizing the Number of Edge Swaps to Obtain a Bipartite Graph

Lesniak, Linda *

Western Michgan University

Euler's Formula for General Graph Imbeddings

Li, Zhengyu

University of Waterloo

A SAT Solver + Computer Algebra Attack on the Minimum Kochen–Specker Problem

Lipman, Drew


When can Graphs be Reconstructed from their Dominating Sets?

Lorch, John

Ball State University

Cellular Factor Pair Latin Squares

Low, Richard * San Jose State University

Computation of New Diagonal Graph Ramsey Numbers

Malomo, Olumide Virginia State University

Using Graph Theory to Analyze Risk Assessments

Manuel, Paul Kuwait University

Dual min-max graph combinatorial problems for multi-dimensional grid net-

Matsui, Yasuko Tokai University

Enumerate All Routes on a Doughnut

Mays, Caryn Western Michigan University

Irregular Domination in Graphs

Mazza, Lucian Oakland University

Generalized Matching Preclusion for Regular Interconnection Networks

McAlpine, Robert Stonehill College

On Edge-Balance Index Sets of Connected Complete Graphs

Meyerowitz, Aaron Florida Atlantic University

The   α -   Game

Milans, Kevin G. * West Virginia University

Longest Path and Cycle Transversals in Chordal Graphs

Morrison, Natasha University of Victoria, Canada

Bootstrap percolation and related graph processes

Morrison, Natasha University of Victoria, Canada

Uncommon Systems of Equations

Myers, Timothy Howard University

Formal Construction of any Clifford Graph Algebra and Relationships Between Generators of its Different Bases

Nasserasr, Shahla  Rochester Institute of Technology

Regular graphs with two distinct eigenvalues

Noble, Matt Middle Georgia State University

Coloring the Triangular Lattice

Painter, Jared University of North Alabama

Harmonious Labelings of Symmetric Starlike Trees

Pál Pach, Péter Budapest University of Technology

On sumsets of nonbases of maximum size

Pemantle, Robin

University of Pennsylvania

Asymptotics for recursions with algebraic generating functions

Pemantle, Robin

University of Pennsylvania

Active Learning in Applied Mathematics Courses

Pérez-Alonso, Alain

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile

A new optimization model for well-balanced multiple team formation

Pfaltz, John University of Virginia

Frankl’s Union-Closed Family Conjecture

Pinciu, Val Southern Connecticut State University

An Application of Graph Domination to Unfolding Polyhedra

Pudwell, Lara Valparaiso University

Patterns in Parking Functions

Pudwell, Lara Valparaiso University

Packing Patterns in Restricted Permutations

Pulapaka, Hari Stetson University

Bipartite Network Models for Food Systems

Qiu, Ke Brock University

On Forward Difference of Surface Areas of Interconnect Networks

Quail, Jeremy University of Vermont

Positroids and graphs

Raridan, Christopher Clayton State University

The Conclusion to the Edge-Balanced Index Set Problem for Complete Bipartite Graphs

Reinhart, Carolyn ** Swathmore College

On the zero forcing number of the complement of certain graphs

Reiswig, Josiah Anderson University

The Steiner distance problem for large vertex subsets in the hypercube

Ren, Emily Diamond Bar High School

Intersection of Longest Cycles and Largest Bonds in 3-Connected Graphs

Reyes, Francisco Florida International University

Encoding Acyclic Orientation of Complete Multipartite Graphs

Rombach, Puck University of Vermont

Toughness of recursively partitionable graphs

Ross, Luke Saint John's University

Introduction to Game Closed Neighborhood Limited Chromatic Numbers

Schuerger, Houston  Trinity College

Computer assisted discovery: Zero forcing vs vertex cover

Sepanski, Mark Baylor University

Odd Cyclic Cordial Friendship Graphs

Shader, Bryan ** University of Wyoming

The perfect matching versus edge incidence matrix of a graph

Shozi, Zekhaya  Sol Plaatje University

A generalization of Petersen’s matching theorem

Simard Frédéric University of Ottawa

On Copnumbers of Periodic Temporal Graphs

Skyers, Marina Penn State, Brandywine

Exploration of the randomness of irrational number sequences

Soifer, Alexander University of Colorado

Coloring Square Grid, Nesting Rectangles: A Bridge from Mathematical Olympiads to Mathematical Research

Tenney, Asa H. Georgetown University

Book Thickness of Powers of Paths and Cycles

Thalheimer, Bryce Johns Hopkins University

Survival Probabilities in a Probabilistic Counting-Out Game

Tiemeyer, Michael Georgia Southern University

On z-cycle factorizations with two associate classes where z is 2a and a is even

Tiner, Gary Faulkner University

On the Loebl-Komlós-Sós Conjecture for graphs with no path on k + 4 vertices

Wang, Ping

Saint Francis Xavier University

An algorithm on strong edge coloring of K4-minor free graphs
Xie, Weiguo

University of Minnesota Duluth

To Color the Historic Heawood Map with Four Colors Using a Systematic Rotation Method
Wisby, Justin

Florida International University

k-Domination of Cartesian Product of Complete Graphs

Yatauro, Michael

Penn State, Brandywine The Gathering Number of a Graph and Vertex Degrees

Young Derek

Mount Holyoke College Minimum Rank and Zero Forcing Parameters for Cobipartite Graphs

Young, Michael **

Carnegie Mellon University The relationship between zero forcing and vertex covers
Zhang, Claire

Auburn University

Packing and Covering Directed Triangles in Directed Simple Graphs


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