Probability and Statistics

The statistics and probability group at FAU has wide research interests ranging from biostatistics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, statistical learning and stochastic modeling. The group is a highly productive research team with expertise in data learning via parametric, semi-parametric and non-parametric approaches for both continuous and discrete data. More specifically, we are the experts on detecting structural changes and estimation, modeling financial market with Levy processes, drug discovery and genome-wide association studies (GWAS), computational statistics in next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis, big data analytics, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, non-linear modeling and temporal-spatial modeling for various data.


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  Dr. Lun-Ching Chang   Dr. Hongwei Long    Dr. Lianfen Qian    Dr. Dragan Radulovic




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JM family funding:
PI/co-PI: Borko Furht/Lianfen Qian
Title: Machine Learning and Optimization Forecast Algorithms
Funding agency: JM Family Enterprises Total amount: $60,000                                                                                        


Lianfen Qian: Asymptotic Theory in Probability and Statistics with Applications (Volume 2 of the Advanced Lectures in Mathematics series)


FAU OURI Curriculum Grant:
PI: Lianfen Qian
Title: Certificate in Data Science (Research Intensive Course Developments)
Funding source: FAU OURI
Amount: $10,000.00