Mathematical Moments(*)

The tenth annual FAU Math Day was held on Saturday, April 5, 2014, on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University. There were remarkably few glitches and we hope that everybody who participated enjoyed the day as much as we did. We want to thank our sponsors, Wells Fargo without whose generous support Math Day could not happen, and the I>clicker corporation for their loan of clickers. We also want to thank our speakers. We are specially pleased to have had our keynote address delivered by a speaker as distinguished as Professor Eriko Hironaka of FSU and thanks also to our own Professor Lee Klingler who explained what a thousand people could do with one thousand light bulbs. Thanks also to the FAU students, both undergraduate and graduate, who helped with the heavy lifting and wherever else something needed to be done. Thanks also to Dean Ivy of the C.E. Schmidt College of Science and to Mr. Chris Major, District Manager for the Boca Raton area of Wells Fargo, for handing out the awards. But above all, we want to thank the teachers and high school (and middle school) students who attended our day.

For comments, questions or suggestions, send your e-mails to or call Dr. Tomas Schonbek at (561) 297-3355, or email him to Suggestions from teachers, especially from those who attended previous Math Days, are particularly welcome.

About FAU. Florida Atlantic University serves over 22,000 undergraduates, and 5,000 graduate and professional students in a rapidly expanding urban environment with a main campus located three miles from the Atlantic Ocean, on an 850-acre site in Boca Raton. The department of mathematical sciences offers the degrees BA, BS, MS, MS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, MS in Teaching, and PhD in Mathematics. There are 35 faculty members in the department, most of them actively engaged in research in areas that range from the purely classical to cutting edge applications in biomathematics and communications security. Students graduating from the department have the option of pursuing careers in teaching, in industry, or continue their mathematical education by enrolling in a graduate program, either at FAU or elsewhere. For qualified students, the department offers a combined BS-MS program.


Math Day 2014 is made possible through the very generous underwriting sponsorship of Wells Fargo Bank.

Math Day would not be possible without the enthusiastic and indispensable support we receive from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, the Center for Cryptology and Information Security, the faculty and students of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and last, but definitely not least, from all the hard working high school mathematics teachers in Broward, Palm Beach, Dade, and Martin counties.


(*) ``Mathematical Moments is a series of posters published by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) promoting "appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture.'' Clicking on the image opens the pdf version on another page. The full series of over 70 moments can be viewed and downloaded at One of the images is just a poster from the AMS. Other AMS posters can be viewed and downloaded at