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Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for the application of mathematics in industry and scientific research. Emphasized are biostatistics, cryptology & information security, and financial mathematics.


A Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (or equivalent coursework) with at least 3.0 GPA (or equivalent), three letters of recommendation documenting the applicant's prior work in mathematics focusing on preparation and suitability for success in graduate-level mathematics courses,a quantitative general GRE (revised) score of at least 155, computer competency, and approval of the departmental graduate committee. In addition, it is recommended to include scores of the GRE subject test mathematics as part of the application package .

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1. Completion of at least three of the following Common Core courses with at least a 2.7 GPA:
MAA 52285229 Introductory Analysis 1, 2
MAS 53115312 Introductory Abstract Algebra 1, 2
STA 6444 Mathematical Probability / STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics

2. Earn 36 credits in courses pre-approved by the graduate advisor in mathematics with at least 21 credits from the chosen track and at least 18 credits at the 6000-level excluding thesis credits.

3. Successful completion of an industrial internship or a thesis involving at least 6 credits.


Common core, four required courses, and three electives.

Required Courses:
o STA 6208 Regression Analysis
o STA 6857 Applied Time Series Analysis
o STA 5195 Biostatistics
o STA 6177 Survival Analysis

Elective Courses:
o STA 6197 Biostatistics - Longitudinal Data Analysis
o STA 6206 Statistical Methods for Environmental Sciences
o STA 6207 Applied Statistical Methods
o STA 6446 Topics in Probability and Statistics
o STA 6707 Analysis of Multivariate Data
o STA 5225 Survey Sampling
o STA 6505 Analysis of Categorical Data
o STA 6106 Statistical Computing
o CAP 6673 Machine Learning and Data Mining

Common core, three required courses and at least four elective courses:

Required Courses:
o MAD 5474 Introduction to Cryptology and Information Security
o MAD 6478 Cryptanalysis
o MAD 6607 Coding Theory

Elective Courses:
o MAT 6933 Elliptic Curves
o MAT 6396 Algebraic Curves
o MAT 6396 Group Theory
o MAD 6477 Cryptography
o MAS 6215 Algebraic Number Theory
o STA 6444 Mathematical Probability
o STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics
o MAS 5145 Linear Algebra
o COT 5930 Randomized Algorithm
o COT 6405 Analysis of Algorithms
o CNT 5008 Computer Network
o EEL 6532 Information Theory
o CIS 6370 Computer Data Security
o MAT 6933 Computational Group Theory
o MAT 6933 Computational Math
o MAT 6396 Commutative Algebra
o MAD 6206 Enumerative Combinatorics
o MAD 6207 Combinatorics 2
o MAD 6307 Graph Theory

Common core, four required courses, and three electives.

Required Courses:
o STA 6208 Regression Analysis
o STA 6857 Applied Time Series
o STA 6907 Financial Mathematics 1
o STA 6446 Stochastic Calculus

Elective Courses:
o STA 6908 Financial Mathematics 2
o FIN 6406 Financial Management
o FIN 6246 Financial Markets
o FIN 6525 Portfolio Theory
o STA 6207 Applied Statistical Methods
o STA 6446 Topics in Stochastic Processes
o STA 6106 Statistical Comp
o STA 6909 Numerical Methods in Finance
o CAP 6673 Machine Learning and Data Mining

* As with all degree programs, the authoritative source for the degree requirements is the University Catalog that was in effect for the academic year in which the student entered the University. The information on this page does not supersede the Catalog.

For information about the PHD, MS, and AMST programs contact:
Prof. Y. Wang, Graduate Director
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades RD
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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