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Dr. Daniela Popova
Instructor, Mathematical Sciences

Office: SE 280
Phone #: (561) 297-1342
Fax #: (561) 297-2436
Email: dpopova@fau.edu


First Year at FAU: 2005

D.Phil. (Mathematics), Sofia, 1984
M.Sc. (Mathematics), Sofia, 1976
B.Sc. (Mathematiques-Physiques), Paris, 1971 

Research Interests
Discrete Mathematics and Computational Mathematics: Algebra - Group Theory, Varieties of Groups; Computational Algebra - Computational Group Theory;Design Theory and Combinatorics

Theoretical Computer Science: Formal Grammars and Languages, Automata Theory, Complexity

Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Linguistics: Information Systems

Gender and Mathematics      

Published Papers
On a class of identities in groups, Mathematics and Mathematical Education, Sofia, 1982 248-255.

On a class of group identities, Serdika 9, No.2, 1983, 189-197.

Laws in metabelian varieties of groups, Serdika 9, No.3, 1983, 235-243.

Calculation of commutator identities in alternating groups on computers, Proc. Conference on Mathematical Cybernetics and Data Base, Gyulechiza, 1982, Ed. J.Denev, B.Uhrin, Tanulmanyok MTA, Szamitastech. Automat. Kutato Int., Budapest, No.147, 1983, 73-81.

Groups with a two-variable commutator identity, Comp.Rend.Ac. Bulg.Sci., 36, No.6, 1983, 721-724.

Computer calculation of a commutator identity in alternating groups, Serdika 10, No.1, 1984, 28-40.

Commutator identities in alternating groups, Proc. Symposium on Computational Group theory, London Math.Soc., Durham, 1982, Ed. M.Atkinson, Computational Group Theory, Academic Press, London, 1984, 375.

Solubility of finite groups with a two-variable commutator identity, Serdika 11, No.1, 1985, 59-63.

On some laws in PSL(2,q), Proc. EUROCAL 85, Linz, Austria, Vol.2 (Research contributions), Ed. G.Goos, J.Hartmanis, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 204, 1985, 245.

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Two-variable identities in groups and Lie algebras (with F. Grunewald, B. Kunyavskii,E.Plotkin), Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures, Preprint Universitaet Bielefeld: http://www.mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de/LAG/, Preprint 00-095.

Two-variable identities in groups and Lie algebras (with F.Grunewald, B.Kunyavskii , E.Plotkin,), Zap. Nauch.Semin. POMI, Russian Academy of Sciences, 272, 2000,161-176;

Matrix Equations in Linear Groups , Proc Annual Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory, Stara Zagora, 2000, 16.

Matrix equations in Linear Groups (with E.Plotkin), Mathematics and Mathematical Education, Sofia, 2001, 194-199.

MathematikerInnen in Bulgarien, Proc. Int. Conference of the Essen Institute for Gender Studies on "Gender and Mathematics", Essen, Germany, 2001.

Finitely Presented Groups, Proc. EWM International Workshop Groups and Graphs, Varna, Bulgaria, 2002, 73-78.

Finitely Presented Groups, Proc Annual Workshop on Coding Theory and Applications, Bankya, 2002, 22.

Computer Algebra Systems Designed for Group Theory, Proc. 10-th General Meeting, EWM, Malta, 2001, Eds. E. Mezetti, S. Paycha, World Scientific, 2003, 307.

Two-variable identities in groups and Lie algebras (with F.Grunewald, B.Kunyavskii , E.Plotkin,), J. Math. Sci. (New York), 116, 2003, N0.1, 2972-2981.

Designing Designs (with R. Laue) - submitted




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