51st Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing

March 9-13, 2020

Special Sessions:

Title:    Research by Women in Graph Theory and its Applications

Organizer:  Leslie Hogben, Iowa State University

                Please forward abstracts to Leslie Hogben and to cgtc51@fau.edu.


Title:  Session on Extremal Graph Theory

Neal Bushaw, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dan Johnston, Skidmore College
Puck Rombach, University of Vermon

                  Please forward abstracts to Neal Bushaw nobushaw@vcu.edu and to cgtc51@fau.edu.


Description and Goals:

Extremal problems have a long and storied history within graph theory.  In many ways, these problems are among the most natural -- among all graphs with a given property, which ones maximize (or minimize, or otherwise optimize) some parameter?  This area has its origins in theorems of Mantel and Zykow, but hit its stride with the monumental theorems of Turán and Erdős-Stone. Since then, the field has blossomed, and become a well established area of research in graph theory and combinatorics.  For many years, the field has been well represented at the Southeastern -- many results have been presented at the conference over the years, and numerous extremal results have no doubt been proven during its coffee breaks.  In recent years, numerous generalizations (generalized extremal problems, rainbow problems, ordered problems, etc.) have been introduced which have given a spark to this already vibrant field.

The purpose of this special session is to gather a group of researchers (both established and early-career) in the area to share recent results and trends in the field, as well as to discuss future directions of interest and establish new collaborations.  We invite submissions for the session, especially from early-career mathematicians and underrepresented groups.


Please submit abstracts for this Special Session to:  cgtc51@fau.edu.