47th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing

March 7-11, 2016



Abay-Asmerom, Ghidewon Virginia Commonwealth University

Spectral Features of Graphs Associated with the Geez Writing System

Abreu, Marien Universit`a degli Studi della Basilicata

Treelike Snarks

Adachi, Tomoko Toho University

Some construction of cluttered orderings for the complete bipartite graph

Ahmad, Uzma University of the Punjab, New Campus, Lahore, Pakistan

On Automorphism Group Action and topological indices for Certain Families of Dendrimers

Arangno, Deborah Lenoir-Rhyne University

A Survey of LeRoy Beasley’s Work on Matrix Rank Comparison

Bailey, Sean Utah State University

Combinatorial Orthogonal Graphs

Barnett, Johnathan Auburn University

A Function Associated with the Hall Ratio

Bartha, Miklos Memorial University of Newfoundland

Zero-Reducible Graphs and the Konig Property

Beasley, LeRoy Utah State University

Clique Covering Numbers and Linear Preservers

Benjamin, Arthur Harvey Mudd College

Tiling with Fibonomials, q-binomials, and Chebyshev polynomials

Benjamin, Arthur Harvey Mudd College

Mathemagics: Secrets of Mental Math

Betten, Anton Colorado State University

Regular Packings in PG(3, 5)

Bickle, Allan Grand Valley State University

MegaMenger Graphs

Birmajer, Daniel Nazareth College of Rochester

On Restricted Words and Colored Compositions

Blackburn, Simon Royal Holloway University of London

Group-theoretic cryptography and the Algebraic Eraser

Blackburn, Simon Royal Holloway University of London

Non-overlapping codes

Bode, Jens-P TU Braunschweig

Linear Polyomino Achievement

Bozeman, Chassidy Iowa State University

Minimum Rank of Graphs with Loops

Brown, David Utah State University

Isolation Number, Boolean Rank, and the Duality Gap

Buelow, Zac Marquette University

  Cactus Based Out Tournament Adjacency Matrix Ranks

Burns, Jonathan University of South Florida

Counting the Patterns of DNA Rearrangement

Butler, Steve Iowa State University

Cycle Counting in an Infinite State Graph

Caliskan, Cafer Kadir Has University, Istanbul

New 2-edge-Balanced Graphs

Chan, Wai Hong H.Y. Lau, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Cash Nim on three Piles

Cheng, Eddie Oakland University

Matching preclusion and conditional matching preclusion problems for the folded Petersen cube

Chi, Henjin Indiana State University

Total Chromatic Numbers of Graphs

Chia, Davin Middlebury College

Robustly Hosting Applications

Chopra, Dharam Wichita State University

Further Contributions to Factorial Designs of Resolution Ten and Balanced Arrays of Strength Nine

Christman, Ananya Middlebury College

Bin Packing with Multiple Colors

Churchill, Gregory University of South Florida

On Extending Hansel’s Theorem to Complete Hypergraphs

Conceicao, Ricardo Gettysburg College

On a Frobenius Problem for Polynomials

Couch, PJ Lamar University

  The Metamorphosis of 2-fold Triple Systems into Maximum Packings of 2Kn with


Cream, Megan Spelman College

Chorded Pancyclicity

Curran, Stephen University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Hamiltonian Circuits in Cayley Digraphs on Cyclic Groups

Dankelmann, Peter University of Johannesburg

The Edge-Connectivity of the Square of a Graph

Davoudi, Anahita University of Central Florida

Trust-Based Social Recommender Networks

Driscoll, Keith Clayton State University

On the 6-Cordiality of Trees

Droz, Daniel Penn State University

Counting Sets of Mutually Orthogonal Class-r Hypercubes

Dufour, Matthieu University of Quebec at Montreal

The *-Operator for Misère Subtraction Games

Durbin, Alexander Michigan State University

On the Roots of Tribonacci-type Polynomials

Dyer, Danny Memorial University of Newfoundland

Unique Watchman’s Walks

Dymacek, Wayne Washington and Lee University

Realizability of n-vertex graphs with prescribed vertex and edge connectivity and minimum and maximum degree II

Early, Edward Mathworks at Texas State University

On the Rank-unimodality of b-ary Partitions

Effinger, Gove Skidmore College

The Polynomial Euclidean Algorithm and the Linear Equation AX + BY = gcd(A, B)

Ellingham, Mark Vanderbilt University

Embeddings of Cartesian Products of Two Regular Graphs

Erickson, Lindsay Augustana University

The Regular and Misere form of Edge Nim on Trees

Fallon, Joshua Louisiana State University

Characterizing Almost-planar Graphs

Faria, Luerbio Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Well-covered Split Graph Characterization

Fenstermacher, Todd Clemson University

Edge Cut Domination in Graphs

Fernando, Neranga Northeastern University

Reversed Dickson Polynomials of the Third Kind

Ferrara, Michael University of Colorado Denver

Stability of the Potential Function

Ferrero, Daniela Texas State University

Component Connectivity of a Graph

Folts, Edward, III California State University, San Bernardino

Radio Number for Eighth Power Paths

Froncek, Dalibor University of Minnesota, Duluth

Regular Handicap Tournaments of Odd Order

Fry, Andy Colorado State University

The Abelian Sandpile Model and its Avalanche Polynomial

Fuller, Jessica Emory University

On (Kt − e)-Saturated Graphs

Gil, Juan Penn State University, Altoona

A connection between integer compositions and Dyck paths

Gomez-Calderon, Javier Penn State University

On the Ring of Algebraic Integers of Cyclotomic Subfields

Gould, Ronald Emory University

Degree Sum and Vertex Dominating Paths

Grez, Armando Iowa State University

New Upper Bounds on the Distance Domination Numbers of Grids

Grimaldi, Ralph Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Compositions with Descents at Odd Numbered Plus Signs

Gronau, Hans-Dietrich O.F. University of Rostock, German

A Problem in Extremal Set Theory

Hammer, James Cedar Crest College

Cycle Switching and Decompositions into Paths

Harborth, Heiko TU Brauschweig, Germany

Erdoes-Turan Type Numbers for Cube Graphs

Haxell, Penny University of Waterloo

Matchings in Hypergraphs

Haxell, Penny University of Waterloo

Edge Colouring Multigraphs

Haymaker, Katie Villanova University

Sums of subsets of GF(2r) and applications to the q-ary partial erasure channel

He, Qijun Clemson University

Data Identification for Unique Algebraic Model

Heissan, A. M.  Manhattenville College

An extension of Beineke to the Prototype Representation P(3, 1)

Heinig, Monika Stevens Institute of Technology

On Reliability Models Associated with the Edge Domination Number for Unicycles

Heubach, Silvia California State University, Los Angeles

  Keeping your Distance is Hard 

Heysse, Kristin Iowa State University

Cospectral Graphs for the Normalized Laplacian by “Toggling”

Hogben, Leslie Iowa State University 

Distance Spectra

Hogben, Leslie Iowa State University

Generalizations of the Strong Arnold Property and the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem of a Graph

Holliday, Sarah Kennesaw State University

Extreme Villainy

Hook, Jonelle Mount St. Mary’s University

Proper Diameter of Edge-Colored Graphs

Hossain, Gahangir Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Cognitive Resource Allocation Graph (CRAG): A Graph Representation of Human Cognitive Resources

Hosseini, Ehsanallah Bharati Vidyapeeth University

Dimension and Representation Number of Hypercube

Hui, Alice M. W. University of KwaZulu-Natal

Switched Subgraphs of the Symplectic Graph

Hurley, Michael Florida Atlantic University

New LS [3} [2, 3, 2 8 ] Geometric Large Sets

Isaak, Garth Lehigh University

Degrees and Trees

Isaak, Garth Lehigh University

Choose Multichoose

Janwa, Heeralal UPR-Cayey, UPR-Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Some New Results on the Conjecture on APN Functions and Absolutely Irreducible Polynomials

Johnson, Peter Auburn University

An Extremal Problem Concerning Vertex Covers

Joshi, Rucha Westwood High School, Austin Texas

Complexity of Finding Maximum Region Disjoint Paths in a Directed Graph

Kahl, Nathan Seton Hall University

On the Values of Independence Polynomials at  -1

Katz, Daniel California State University Northridge

A New Generating Function for Counting Zeroes of Polynomials

Kawasaki, Yuki Yokohama National University

N-flips and chromatic number in even triangulations on the projective plane

Kawatani, Gen Yokohama National University

Upper bound graphs of posets

Kelley, Christine University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Edge Spreading in Spatially-Coupled LDPC Codes

Kelm, J. Oakland University

Strong matching preclusion of (n, k)-star graphs

Kemnitz, Arnfried University of Braunschweig, Germany

Rainbow Connection Number Two and Clique Number

Kirkpatrick, Pamela Lehigh University

Graphs Obtained from Collections of d-Dimensional Blocks

Kischnick, Sara University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

Rainbow Partitions and Rainbow Polynomial

Knoll, Fiona Clemson University

Vertex-Cut Domination in Graphs

Krizan, Christopher Auburn University

Spectrum of the Szlam Numbers of the Plane

Kruk, Serge Oakland University

A Stock Analysis Turns Least-Squares Turns Maximum Cut of a Graph

Labbate, Domenico Universit`a degli Studi della Basilicata

Even orientations of graphs

Laffey, Tom University College Dublin, Ireland

On the Structure of Nonnegative Matrices with a Given Spectrum

Langley, Larry University of the Pacific

Mixed Unit Interval Graphs, 50% Tolerance Graphs, and Boolean Endpoints

Larsen, Victor Kennesaw State University

Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and Antimagic Labelings

Laskar, Renu Clemson University

Connectivity Parmeters in Graphs

Leach, David The University of West Georgia

Modular Leech Trees of Order at most 9

Lefmann, Hanno TU Chemnitz, Germany

Edge Colorings of Graphs Without Rainbow-Subgraphs

Leiss, Ernst University of Houston

Parallel Moves in Hanoi Games on Graphs: Every Parallel Hanoi Graph is a Sequential Hanoi Graph

Lichter, Tamar Queens College - CUNY

Maximum Rectilinear Crossing Number for Game Board Graphs

Lidicky, Bernard Iowa State University

Inducibility of Short Cycles

Lin, Jephian Iowa State University

Odd cycle zero forcing parameters and the minimum rank problem

Lipman, Drew Clemson University

Domination and Irredundance for Independence Systems

Lipman, Marc Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Easy Luckless Graphical Minesweeper

Lorch, John Ball State University

Mutually Orthogonal Rectangular Gerechte Designs

Low, Richard San Jose State University

Friendly Index Sets of n-galaxies

Lueder, Tanya Louisiana Tech University

 A Characterization of Simple, K4 -Free Near Outer-Planar Graphs

Ma, Jianmin Colorado State University

The Distance Signatures of the Incidence Graphs of Affine Resolvable Designs

Machuca, Joanna California State University, San Bernardino

Radio Number for Eighth Power Paths

Maity, Soumen Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, India

Covering Arrays on Product Graphs

Martinez-Rivera, Xavier Iowa State University

Classification of families of pr- and epr-sequences

Masuda, Ariana New York City College of Technology

The Calkin-Wilf Tree

Matsumoto, Naoki Seikei University

Edge Rotations in Triangulations on the Sphere

McAdams, Stacey Louisiana Tech University

Oriented Book Embeddings

McGinn, Donald University of West Florida

Cordial Sets of Hypercubes

McGuire, Trevor North Dakota State University

Property-Preserving Poset Embeddings into Z n

Mendoza, Augustin California State University, San Bernardino

Radio Number for Eighth Power Paths

Merz, Sarah The University of the Pacific

The Competition Graph of a Local Tournament

Miranda, Lohans Federal University of Piaui

Permutations as solutions of linear Diophantine equations and magic squares

Moghadam, Hosien University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

A Generalization of Edgesum Problem

Monfared, Keivan University of Calgary

Permanent ranks of matrices and generalized cycles of graphs

Moss, Kevin Iowa State University

Choosability with Union Separation

Mullen, Gary Penn State University

Some Open Problems Related to Finite Fields and Their Applications

Nevo, Aori Stevens Institute of Technology

Vertex degree condition for a 1-binding graph to contain a 1-factor

Novick, Beth Clemson University

Pebbling on a class of semilattices

O'Connell, Kelly Vanderbilt University

Multicoloured Containers and Graphon Entropy (Part I)

Opatrny, Jaroslav Concordia University, Montreal

Evacuation Problem: a Generalization of Search Problems

Orozco, Edusmildo University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras

On the solution of  J x α  =  J y β  and reduced  linear  modular systems

Ortiz-Ubarri, Jose University of Puerto Rico

Algebraic Symmetries of Generic Multidimensional Periodic Costas Arrays and their importance in the enumeration of Multidimensional Periodic Sonar Arrays

Pacheco, Natalia Univesity of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Explicit Formulas for Monomial Involutions Over Finite Fields

Perry, Katherine Auburn University

Rainbow Spanning Trees in Edge-Colored Complete Graphs

Pinciu, Val Southern Connecticut State University

A Note on the Skewness of a Graph

Pohlmann, Brett Californai State University, Maritime Academy

Some Properties of Acyclic Heaps of Pieces

Pralat, Pawel Ryerson University

Almost All 5-Regular Graphs Have A 3-Flow

Reid, Michael University of Central Florida

Special Families of Prototiles

Roberts, Charles Indiana State University

Graphs Represented by Extended Diagonal Matrices

Ross, Dennis Michigan State University

Link Prediction in Graphs with Side Information

Rubio, Ivelisse University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Analysis of Multidimensional Periodic Arrays

Rucinski, Andrzej  Adam Mickiewicz University and Emory University

Refined Turan numbers and Ramsey numbers for the loose 3-uniform path of length three

Ryan, Kathleen DeSales University

Degree Sequences of Partial 2-trees

Saccoman, John Seton Hall University

A Spanning -Tree Increasing Surgery for Proper Threshold Graphs

Salaam, Lifoma

Howard University

Non-Crossing Partitions in Binary, Ordered and Motzkin Trees

Schiermeyer, Ingo

Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Chromatic number of P5-free graphs: x-binding functions

Schluchter, Steven George Mason University

Prime Labelings of Generalized Petersen Graphs and Large Cubic Bipartite Graphs

Schulte, Alex Iowa State University

Unitary Anti-Van der Waerden Number of Arithmetic Progressions

Schultz, Kristian University Rostock

Maximal Size of Sperner Families with a 3-Union Condition

Sears, Lewis Washington and Lee University

Realizability of n-vertex graphs with prescribed vertex and edge connectivity and minimum and maximum degree III

Shahrokhi, Farhad University of North Texas

k-domination in the Intersection Graph of Geometric Objects

Sharma, U. Rochester High School

Hamiltonian Laceability in Cubic Bipartite Graphs

Simmons, Gustavus  

Hamilton-Laceable Properties of Polygonal bigraphs

Smith, Stephen University of Memphis

The Poset on Connected Graphs is Sperner

Snider, Lauren McNeese State University

Some Bicyclic Antiautomorphisms of Mendelsohn Triple Systems

Soifer, Alexander  University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The Scholar and the State: From the Third Reich to Today in Fool’s Gold of Silence 

Stevens, Gary Hartwick College

Palindromes with Forbidden Substrings

Stromberg, Johanna Vanderbilt University

Multicoloured Containers and Graphon Entropy (Part II)

Suffel, Charles Stevens Institute of Technology

On Reliability Models Associated with the Edge Domination Number for Trees

Szwarcfiter, Jayme Luiz                     Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                       

Graph Convexity Parameters: Complexity and Applications

Tanny, Stephen University of Toronto

Non-Monotonic Solutions to Nested Recursions: A Combinatorial Approach

Tapia-Recillas, H. Dpto. de Mathematicas, Univ. Autonoma Metropolitana-I, Mexico D.F.

A secret sharing scheme based on the polynomial ring over a finite field

Thomas, Brent University of Colorado, Denver

Saturation Spectrum of Trees

Tiner, Gary Faulkner University

On the Erdos-Sos Conjecture for graphs with diameter at most k + 2

Traetta, Tommaso Ryerson University

Unparalleled even cycle systems

Tzanakis, Georgios Carleton University

Constructing Covering Arrays from m-Sequences

Vaidya, Sanju Mercy College

Bounds for Topological Indices of Molecular Graphs

Valera, Leobardo University of Texas, El Paso

Introduction to Pairwise Testing. Definition and Examples

Vandell, Chip Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

Decycling Toeplitz Graphs, Some Subgraphs, and Generalized Petersen Graphs

Villalpando, John California Lutheran University

Trees for Given Values of the Span, Caps and Icaps for L(2, 1)-Colorings

Vince, Andrew University of Florida

Counting Connected Sets and Connected Partitions of a Graph

Voigt, Margit University of Applied Sciences Dresden

 Sum choice number of generalized  0-graphs

Wang, Qiang Carleton University

Partitions and compositions over finite fields

Wang, Shaohui The University of Mississippi

On the Ratio of Domination and Independent Domination Number

Wehrung, Ben Jacksonville University

When You Need a Quasigroup with a Hole of Size 4, 6, or 8

Wei, Ruizhong Lakehead University

Pandiagonal Multimagic Squares Based on Large Sets of Orthogonal Arrays

Weiner, Michael Penn State, Altoona

From Dyck Paths Colored by Connected Matchings to Standard Young Tableau

Wierman, John John Hopkins University

Rigorous bounds relating bond percolation thresholds of two three-dimensional lattices

Williams, Ryn Colorado State University

Knitting Numbers

Yahyaei, Laleh S. P. Pune University

Dimension of a Lobster

Yatauro, Robert   Penn State-Brandywine

Uniform Optimality Results for Unicycles in the Neighbor Component Order  Edge Connectivity Network Model

Yonekura, Shinichi  Yokohama National University

Quadrangulations on the projective plane with K3,4-minors

Young, Derek  Iowa State University

Lower Bounds for the Exponential Domination Number of Cm × Cn

Yu, Gaoran John Hopkins University

Exact Enumeration of Self-Avoiding Walks on Non-vertex-transitive Lattices

 Yu, Gexin  College of William and Mary

Relaxed Coloring of Planar Graphs

Yu, Xingxing

Georgia Institute of Technology

On the Kelmans-Seymour conjecture